Pure Glamour: Christmassy Accessories for Vintage Lovers

Pure Glamour: Christmassy Accessories for Vintage Lovers

Often, the little things really make the differnce. You don’t need a new dress for every occasion, most of the time it’s enough to add some sparkling earrings or hairflowers to transform a “normal” outfit into a festive one. And since Christmas is just around the corner, I would like to show you six amazing Christmassy accessories. The best thing is, that evey piece is absolutely affordable but super glamorous.

Christmassy accessoires for vintage lovers

1. Sparkling Starlite Earrings by Glitter Paradise

The sparkling Starlite Earrings by  Glitter Paradise are some of my most worn ones during winter as you can see here, here, and here. No wonder, since they are perfect for Christmas time. As they are white they go so well with a lot of different (retro) outfits. You can buy them here.

Glitzernde Sternen-Ohrringe von Glitter Paradise

There is also a matching brooch called “Winter Sunburst” available, which you can shop here. In this blog post I teamed the brooch with my favourite winter coat to make it even more elegant.

Eine weiße Sonnen-Brosche von Glitter Paradise

2. Christmas Holly Earrings by Glitter Paradise

The colours red and green are wonderful for Christmas time. Christmas Hollys are perfect for this time of the year, too. So these super cute earrings by Glitter Paradise are a must for every Christmas loving vintage girl, especially since they are able to transform a summer dress into a festive outfit, as this blog post proofs. If you want them, click here.

Festliche Stechpalmen-Ohrringe von Glitter Paradise

Weihnachtliche Ohrringe in Form einer Stechpalme von Glitter Paradise

There is also a Christmas holly brooch available.

3. A Christmas Holly Hairflower by Sophisticated Lady

If Christmas Holly earrings are not enough for you, I recommend this matching hairpiece by Sophisticated Lady Hairflowers. With the help of this accessory, every hairstyle looks immediately more festive, as this outfit post proofs. You can shop the hairflower at the online shop.

Festlicher Stechpalmen-Haarschmuck von Sophisticated Lady Hairflowers

4. A Christmassy Hairpiece with sparkling little Apples

Another wonderful hairpiece by Sophisticated Lady Hairflowers is this masterpiece with little apples, a rose, and more sparkling stuff. I love to use this hairflower to accessorize a big bun or chignon. You can shop this one and other lovely accessories here.

Eine Haarblume mit künstlichen Äpfeln von Sophisticated Lady Hairflowers

Stechpalmen-Ohrringe, eine Haarblume und eine originale Vintage-Brosche aus den 50ern

5. A true vintage Reindeer Brooch

If you like to wear something really special for Christmas, I recommend true vintage pieces. They are most of the time affordable and unique, so no other lady will have the same one. ;-)I found this cute reindeer brooch from the 50s at wunder-same Vintage a year or so ago. Just browse your favourite vintage store for some awesome pieces. Find my favourite shops here.

Eine originale Vintage-Brosche in Form eines Rentiers

Eine Rentier-Brosche aus den 50ern

Festliche Retro-Accessoires für Weihnachten

6. A glamorous vintage Collier

During Christmas time I love to wear my most glamorous jewelry like this true vintage collier with pearls and green stones. The German online shop  wunder-same Vintage always offers some very lovely and affordable pieces. Do you have any other recommendations for true vintage jewelry? If so, please let me know!

Ein glamourösen Vintage-Collier aus den 50ern

Of course Christmassy accessories are also a wonderful gift idea for you best friend, e.g.





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