My Style Diary: Warm Retro Outfits for Christmas Time

My Style Diary: Warm Retro Outfits for Christmas Time

Actually, I wanted to share my ootds on a regular base. Unfortunately it’s getting dark during this time of the year so early, so I wasn’t able to take photos of my daily looks most of the time. However, we took at least some pictures of my latest winter outfits which I want to share with you in this blog post.

A Sunday Walk with a warm Tartan Dress by Miss Candyfloss

Here you can see a typical Sunday look. I was too lazy to do my hair and my makeup is very easy as well: Mascara, eyebrow powder,  blush, and red lipstick – that’s it.

The dress was designed by Idda van Munster for Miss Candyfloss last year, read more in this blog post. I wear the dress a lot during this time of the year since it’s warm enough for cold autumn and winter days. In combination with opaque tights, boots, and a big handbag, this is  a perfect look for every day.

RetroCat in einem warmen Karo-Kleid von Miss Candyfloss

RetroCat mit einem Winter-Kleid und passender Jacke im Vintage-Stil

Vintage-Bloggerin RetroCat in einem warmen Karo-Kleid designt von Idda van Munster

RetroCat mit einem Kleid von Idda van Munster und warmen Strumpfhosen

Dress: Miss Candyfloss (similar here)

Handbag: Liu Jo

Jacket: Morgan (very similar here)

Tights: similar here

Shoes: similar here

A cosy and warm retro Outfit for Christmas Market

I love Christmas markets! There are so many sweets, mulled wine, and lots of Christmas decorations available. Of course warm clothes are a must since it’s pretty cold here in Sothern Germany in December. This time I chose a super cute Christmas jumper by Hell Bunny, which I already showed you here. A cosy fake-fur jacket which I wore in Padua lately keeps me warm. Booties, a beret, and gloves finish this warm retro outfit for a visit at the Christmas market.

RetroCat mit einem warmen Hell-Bunny-Pullover und kuscheliger Jacke

RetroCat mit einer blauen Kunstpelz-Jacke auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt

RetroCat mit Hose, Fake-Fur-Jacke und Mütze auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt

RetroCat mit einem warmen Retro-Outfit auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt

Pants: Steady Clothing

Jacket: similar here

Sweater: Hell Bunny

Beret: Anna Field

Scarf: similar here

Earrings: Glitter Paradise

Gloves: Tommy Hilfiger (available in grey)

Shoes: Deichmann

Handbag: Liu Jo

A true vintage Evening Gown from the 50s

Those pictures are acutally super old, from last December when I was in Ludwigsburg for a photo shoot to be precise. Since the light was so beautiful outside, we decided to take some photos but never shared them in an outfit post. I found them a few days ago and wanted to show them to you, especially since the dress is amazing for festive pre-Christmas time. Read more about this exquisite vintage piece here.

Vintage-Bloggerin RetroCat einem glamourösen Abendkleid aus den 50ern

RetroCat in einem originalen Vintage-Kleid aus den 50ern

RetroCat in einem blauen Abendkleid in Ludwigsburg

Sandra vom Vintage-Blog RetroCat in einem Vintage-Kleid aus den 50ern

Dress: Vintage

Gloves: Vintage

Shoes: similar here

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