The most beautiful Summer Dresses and how to style them

Die schönsten Sommerkleider im Retro-Stil und wie Du sie kombinierst
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Retro style summer dresses

To be honest: The weather could be better here in Germany. However, I am optimistic and believe that summer will come very soon. So it is the perfect time to prepare ourselves for warmer days by searching for the most beautiful summer dresses. In the following, I am going to show you my personal favourites and tell you how to style them. And the best: I cover everything from mini, to midi and maxi dresses!

Pretty Gingham Dresses for Summer

RetroCat wearing a gingham summer dress and retro accessories

Gingham dresses almost scream summer and picnics! They look perfect for a trip to the countryside, but are also a great choice for a day in the city – so definitely a must-have for summer! By the way: My dress is by L’école Des Femmes.

Wonderful Gingham Dresses

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Gingham dresses go very well with summery accessories like straw hats, basket bags and sandals.

What to wear with Gingham Dresses

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Relaxed Maxi Dresses for Summer

RetroCat wearing a maxi dress with flower pattern for summer by Lena Hoschek

Maxi dresses made of light fabrics are absolutely perfect for hot summer days, and they are also very practical: You can bend down or even sit down on the ground without showing your underwear. 😉 Furthermore, those dresses are very light and I even find them more comfortable on hot days than short, fitted dresses. My maxi dress is from an old Lena Hoschek collection, by the way, but you will find a similar one here*.

Wonderful, long Dresses for Summer

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How to style Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses look great with more casual shoes like flat sandals or wedges. When it comes to accessories, I like to go for some boho style jewellery as well as basket bags.

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Cheeky 60s inspired Mini Dresses for Summer

RetroCat wearing a yellow 60s mini dress

I personally don’t wear mini dresses that often. But every now and then, especially during the warmer months, I enjoy wearing some shorter hemlines. And when the dresses come in a cheeky 60s look, even better!

Wonderful 60s style Dresses

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What to wear with 60s style Mini Dresses

I love to team my mini dresses with 60s inspired retro accessories like vintage handbags, gloves, colourful and fun earrings as well as matching shoes.

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Light Wrap Dresses for hot Summer Days

RetroCat wearing a wrap dress for summer by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury

Wrap dresses are my first choice on very hot days. They are not only very flattering, but also super comfortable and light. And if you ate a bit too much ice cream, just loosen your dress a bit. 😉 My favourite wrap dresses are the 40s style ones by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury*, by the way.

Lovely Wrap Dresses

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How to style Wrap Dresses

Depending on the kind of wrap dress you are wearing, you can team it with a variety of different accessories. I personally usually go for classy pieces like sunglasses, straw hats and basket bags.

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Beautiful 1950s style Summer Dresses

RetroCat wearing a light 50s style summer dress by Ginger Jackie

1950s inspired dresses are some of my absolute favourite pieces for summer. I always enjoy some flared skirts and fitted tops. Lovely (flower) patterns are just the cherry on the cake.

Wonderful 50s inspired Dresses for Summer

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What to wear with 1950s Dresses

Sandals with or without a heel, basket bags, some delicate jewellery and the wonderful summery 1950s inspired outfit is finished.

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Pencil Dresses for Summer

RetroCat wearing a summery, coral-coloured pencil dress by Miss Candyfloss

Even pencil dresses work on warm days! Even though more loose dresses are a bit more comfortable when temperatures are very high, you can defintiely wear fitted dresses in summer. Make sure your dress is made of light fabrics and the cut is not too tight. Summery colours like coral, for example, are a good choice as well.

Wonderful Pencil Dresses for Summer

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What to wear with summery Pencil Dresses

I like to team pencil dresses with sandals, parasols, sunglasses and pretty handbags. These accessories not only look good, but also help to keep you cool. 😉

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Palm Trees, Flowers and Co.: Tropical Dresses for hot Days

Palm trees, flowers, birds as well as tropcial prints are obviously perfect for summer. They always make me happy and look so great!

Wonderful Dresses with Palm Trees and tropical Flower Prints

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How to style tropical Dresses for Summer

I like to wear my tropical dresses with big sunglasses, bamboo earrings, basket bags as well as wedges.

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Fruit Dresses for warm Summer Days

Dresses with fruity prints like lemons*, pineapples* or something like this always make me happy. Lemon prints look especially elegant, in my opinion, but I also like other fruity prints on summer dresses.

Wonderful Dresses with Fruit Prints

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How to style Fruit Print Dresses

Fruity dresses look great with summery accessories like basket bags, colour-matching shoes as well as fruity earrings*, of course. Straw hats finish such an outfit in perfect way.

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1940s inspired Summer Dresses

RetroCat showing 1940s inspired summer dresses

Dresses inspired by the 1940s are usually very flattering, but also light and therefore perfect for summer! I especially like the knee-long swing skirts and enhanced shoulders. The Seamstress of Bloomsbury*, for example, offers some great ones.

Wonderful 40s inspired Dresses

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How to style 1940s inspired Dresses

I like to team 1940s style dresses with wedges, basket bags as well as some other subtle accessories.

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Cheeky Petticoat Dresses for Summer

A great alternative to 1940s style dresses are cheeky petticoat dresses inspired by the 1950s. The flared, swinging skirts and fitted tops are simply amazing and perfect for summer. Atelier Belle Couture*, for example, is a German brand that offers some very lovely petticoat dresses.

Beautiful Petticoat Dresses for Summer

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How to style Petticoat Dresses

A petticoat is a must underneath a 1950s style dress, of course. Furthermore, I like to wear it with wedges or even flat shoes, sunglasses, vintage handbags and cheeky earrings to finish the look.

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Nautical Dresses for warm Days at the Waterside

RetroCat wearing a nautical summer dress at the lake

Last but not least, let’s talk about nautical dresses for summer. Such dresses are perfect for a day at the sea or lake, of course, but look also great in the city. 😉 My lovely dress is by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury*, by the way.

Wonderful nautical Dresses for warm Days

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What to wear with nautical Dresses

I like to wear my nautical dresses with nautical accessories – surprise, surpise. 😉 Sunglasses and parasols are a great choice as well.

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