Stylish, elegant, glamorous: Summer hats for every occasion

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Spring has arrived and day by day, the sun is shining a bit longer. Oh how I enjoy the warm sunrays on my skin! The only problem: I easily get sunburnt on my nose and parting. What helps: sunscreen, of course, but also hats. They not only protect us from the sun, but also can look super stylish. In this blogpost, I’m not only going to show you the most beautiful hats for spring and summer, but also tell you which hat goes for which occasion, what to keep in mind when buying your summer hat, and how to pimp a boring one.

Summer Hats: What to keep in Mind & where to buy them

Before showing you the most beautiful summer hats, I want to give some advice on what to keep in mind when buying hats for spring and summer.

  • Straw hats are a classic for summer, that’s for sure. They are not water proof, though, so shouldn’t be worn in the rain. Other light fabrics like cotton are a good choice as well.
  • Even when the sun is shining, not every danger for hats is banned: Just a gust of wind and your hat may fall down to the street, or even worse, in the water. So always make sure your hat fits your head perfectly and maybe even fix it with a ribbon or hatpin.
  • Of course you want to take your summer hats with you on vacation. But please keep in mind: carrying them with your other package in a suitcase might cause damage. So it’s best to carry hats in a specific hatbox. Many hats (especially the more expensive ones) already come in such a box, if not, you purchase one for little money on Amazon for example.
  • Summer hats are available for little money at almost all big fashion stores. Even though they might not be as high-quality as the more expensive ones from a millinery, they are still a good choice for everyday life.
  • If you would rather like to invest in a high-quality hat, which can’t be seen on every second head, I recommend to visit a millinery (in Munich, I can recommend Nicki Marquart), or search in vintage stores for unique vintage hats. Platforms like Etsy or Ebay are good places to search online for vintage hats.
  • Here are some online hat shops I can recommend that have a great variety of especially vintage inspired hats:

Summer Hats: Boaters & Straw Hats for every Day

RetroCat trägt einen schlichten schwarzen Sommerhut aus Stroh

If I had to choose only one hat, I would go for a quite simple one made of straw with a brim. This kind of hat goes well with so many different outfits and suits a lot of occasion, depending on how it is styled. It is totally up to you if you rather go for a natural straw-coloured one, or a black one like mine. Just choose the one that matches the rest of your clothes best.

Shop Boaters & casual Straw Hats:

Styling tip: This kind of summer hat goes well with almost every casual and leisure outfit. It even works in combination with trousers. See some examples here:

(PS: A click on the picture will lead you to the respective blogpost where you will find all outfit details.)

Summer Hats: Elegant Straw Hats with a larger Brim

RetroCat mit einem eleganten Strohhüt für den Sommer

Kind of “flat” hats with a larger brim look very elegant. I always choose them when I want something more chic, but a fascinator would be too much. My hat is, just like the previous one, true vintage, but I linked some other great ones below.

Shop elegant Straw Hats:

Styling tip: Such a hat goes well with both, more casual and very elegant looks. No matter if it’s a chic wrapped dress, a colourful summer dress, or a more casual combination of skirt and blouse, an elegant straw hat crowns every outfit. Trousers, on the other side, look better in combination with a more casual hat like I showed previously, at least that’s my opinion.

(PS: A click on the picture will lead you to the respective blogpost where you will find all outfit details.)

Colourful Summer Hats for a bigger Variety

Mode-Bloggerin RetroCat mit einem roten Strohhut aus den 1950ern

It doesn’t always have to be black or straw-coloured. Colourful hats add a bit more variety to your looks and are a real eye-catcher. However, as those are a bit more difficult to team with, I wouldn’t invest as much money for a colourful one as for an “all-rounder”.

Shop colourful Summer Hats:

Styling tip: A colourful summer hat looks very elegant if you colour-coordinate it with the rest of your outfit, as this look proves.

RetroCat mit einem roten Sommerhut und passendem Kleid

Summer Hats with a large Brim

RetroCat mit einem Strohhut mit riesiger Krempe für den Sommer

If you like extraordinary hats, one with a super large brim is perfect for you! They get all the attention and look very sophisticated. Hats like this are perfect for elegant garden parties, a picnic, or a day at an exclusive beach. They definitely protect you from the sun, but be careful: It doesn’t need much wind to blow them away. 😉

Shop fancy huge Hats:

Styling tip: I like to wear such huge hats with maxi dresses or skirts, white lace blouses, and summery circle skirts.

RetroCat mit einem riesigen Sommerhut aus Stroh

Turbans for windy Days, the Beach, or a Drive in the Convertible

Hats are great, however for car-drives (especially in a convertible), or on very windy days, they are maybe not the best choice. In these cases, I like to wear a turban or silk scarf.

Shop Turbans:

Styling tip: Turbans go very well with elegant beach dresses like this one, for example. In such an outfit, you will definitely be an eye-catcher, even at the most exclusive beach club. But of course, a turban looks also good in combination with elegant dresses and skirts as well.

Sommerhüte stylen: RetroCat in einem eleganten Outfit mit Turban

Fascinators for Weddings & other formal Occasions

Vintage-Mode-Bloggerin RetroCat mit einem blauen Fascinator für den Sommer

On formal or semi-formal occasions, summer weddings, or very chic garden parties, I like to wear an extravagant fascinator. In this blogpost, I already told you what kind of fascinator to wear on which occasion, how to style them, and how they actually came into fashion.

Shop Fascinators:

How to pimp your Straw Hats

Hats already look amazing and really can lift your outfit to the next level. With some simple and easy tips, though, you can even pimp the most beautiful hat:

  • I like to wear my hats at a tilt low on the face, just like the ladies of the 1930s used to. This makes the look cheekier and more stylish.
  • A hairflower (from SophisticatedFlowers, for example) clipped to the hatband makes your hat immediately look more extravagant and summery.
  • For a more glamorous look, I like to decorate my hats and turbans with a sparkly brooch. You will be surprised what a difference such a small piece of jewellery can make!
  • If you wear your hair in a snood underneath your hat, your look will immediately look more “vintage”.
  • If you are a DIY queen, you can also decorate your hat with nets, veils, and accessories like velvet bows.

Some chic Accessories for your Head & Hat:

Do you love wearing hats as much as I do? And if so, what is your favourite hat style?

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