“Face Paint” by Lisa Eldridge: An amazing Book about the History Of Makeup

“Face Paint” by Lisa Eldridge: An amazing Book about the History Of Makeup

Lisa Eldridge is definitely one of the best makeup artists of our time. Kate Winslet, Kim Kardashion, Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson and many more – Lisa Eldridge already did the makeup of all those gorgeous ladies. On her YouTube channel, she even shows everyone of us her best tips and advice for a perfect look. She not only knows a lot about makeup techniques, but also about the history of makeup. And this is exactly what her book “Face Paint: The History Of Makeup, The History Of Women” is about.

Das Buch "Face Paint: The Story Of Makeup: Make-up gestern - heute - morgen" von Lisa Eldridge

Delve into the World of “Face Paint: The Story Of Makeup”

“Face Paint” is not an ordinary beauty book. You won’t find makeup tips or how-tos. Instead, it’s a book about the story of makeup and beauty industry. Lisa Eldridge talks about the most famous beauty pioneers, she talks about the production of beauty products and goes back in time until ancient times. Moreover, Lisa introduces some of the biggest makeup icons like Nofretete, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Grete Garbo, Twiggy and many more. “Face Paint” is devided into two major parts: “The Ancient Palette” and “The Business Of Beauty“. In this blog post, I provide you an insight into the different parts of the book.

“This isn’t just about lipstick and eyeshadow. Read this book and you will never look at makeup in the same way again.” – Lisa Eldridge

Das Buch "Face Paint" von Lisa Eldridge und einige Make-up-Produkte

Part one: The Ancient Palette

After a short introduction, the first part of “Face Paint” starts. This part deals with the history of makeup from ancient times until the 20th century. It’s divided into three chapters: “Red“, “White“, and “Black“. Lisa talks about the meaning of the different colours and for what they were used. She also focuses on the production and ingredients of makeup products of bygone times. It could also be seen as the story of women, as Lisa joins the dots between makeup and the role of the woman in society.

Der Buchrücken von "Face Paint" von Lisa Eldridge

Part two: The Business Of Beauty

The second and bigger part of “Face Paint” is about the cosmetics industry. Lisa shares insights into the commercial world of makeup. The chapter “Media and Motivation: Creating the Dream” highlights the role of the media and film industry, especially Hollywood, for the evolution of the beauty industry.

In “The Beauty Pioneers: Visionaries and Vaudeville” on the other side, Lisa talks about the first beauty brand pioneers like Max Factor, Helena Rubinstein, as well as Estée Lauder.

The chapter “History in Your Handbag: Folk Remedies to Global Brands” is about the evolution of different beauty products. Lisa Eldridge tells more about the history of mascara, lipsticks, eyeshadows, rouge, and foundation for example. Moreover the author gives an overview of the big brands like L’Oréal and MAC and tells the reader why luxury labels like Chanel, Dior, and Co. are so successful.

The Bleeding Edge: Into the Future” finishes the second part and therefore also the book. It’s quite obvious what this last chapter of “Face Paint” is about. The cosmetics industry invests unbelievable high amounts of money in research and innovation. Lisa Eldridge tells why and also explains inter alia why radioactive lipsticks were absolutely en vouge in the beginning of the 20th century. Furthermore, we learn what the automotive industry has to do with our modern makeup products and why silicones are so important for the beauty industry.

Das Make-up-Buch "Face Paint" von Lisa Eldridge in der Detailansicht

“Face Paint” by Lisa Eldridge: Résumé

All in all “Face Paint” by Lisa Eldridge really surprised me in a positive way! It’s not about general ideals of beauty. Instead, it’s a highly researched story of makeup with a ton of very interesting and fascinating facts. I also love the many high-quality photos and of course the amazing cover. It’s a book which is beautiful inside and out. I highly recommend “Face Paint” to all makeup loving women and men out there!

Das Buch "Face Paint: The Story Of Makeup" von Lisa Eldridge (Stiebner Verlag)

Shop “Face Paint: The Story Of Makeup” by Lisa Eldridge here for example.

Watch Lisa Eldridge’s video below for a sneak peak inside the pages!

*Please note: In the pictures you see the German version of “Face Paint”. As I own the English version as well, I know that the content is exactly the same. 



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