Exploring new Places in Croatia with the retro Dress “Tropenwald” by Belle Couture

Exploring new Places in Croatia with the retro Dress “Tropenwald” by Belle Couture

There are dresses that make me smile the moment I see them. One of them is definitely the colourful “Tropenwald” dress by Belle Couture. I’m sure this petticoat dress not only makes the wearer happy, but also the passers-by. In this blog post, I’m going to tell you a bit more about my outfit of day four of my vacation in Croatia.

Eye-catching and colourful: The Petticoat Dress “Tropenwald” by Belle Couture

Not only the exotic print is a real eyecatcher, but also the classy 50s cut. Belle Couture offers custom-tailored garments so everything fits absolutely perfect. The top with a heart neckline and neckholder looks super lovely while the full circle skirt swings wonderful when you are twirling around. To add a bit more volume, I wore a colour matching petticoat underneath.

Such a striking dress doesn’t need a lot of accessories. I chose summery earrings by Glitter Paradise and comfortable wedges by Miss L-Fire. Huge sunglasses by Miu Miu as well as a true vintage handbag finish the retro outfit.

RetroCat mit dem Kleid "Tropenwald" von Belle Couture

RetroCat mit einem bunten Petticoatkleid im Vintage-Stil von Belle Couture

RetroCat in einem Kleid mit Tellerrock und rotem Petticoat

RetroCat mit einem farbenfrohen 50er-Jahre-Kleid am Meer

Sightseeing Tour in Croatia: The coastal City Primosten

We took the photos for this blog post in the magical coastal city Primosten. The summer dress looks wonderful in those picturesque alleys, and with the Adriatic Sea in the background, everything is even more beautiful.

RetroCat in einem Retro-Kleid in den Gassen von Primosten/Kroatien

RetroCat in einem Kleid mit exotischem Muster von Belle Couture

RetroCat mit einem Swing-Kleid und rotem Petticoat

RetroCat in einem Belle-Couture-Kleid im Stil der 50er

50s Outfit – the Details:

Dress “Tropenwald”: Belle Couture

Petticoat: Belle Couture

Earrings: Glitter Paradise

Sunglasses: Miu Miu

Shoes: Miss L-Fire

Handbag: Vintage

A summery retro Makeup – the Details:

Foundation: Diorskin Nude Air Foundation

Eyeshado: Dior Eye Reviver Palette

Mascara: Kat Von D Immortal Lash 24 Hour Mascara

Blush: Chanel Rouge Joues Contraste in „Rouge Profond“ (No. 320)

Lipstick MAC Ultimate Lipstick in „Dangerously Chic“

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