YouTube meets Vintage: A Portrait of Lily Jarlsson

YouTube meets Vintage: A Portrait of Lily Jarlsson

She is breathtakingly beautiful, delightful, and one of the most inspiring ladies in the vintage scene: of course, I’m talking about YouTuber and blogger Lily Jarlsson.

As I announced lately, I want to introduced my favourite bloggers from all over the world here on Last time, I talked about NoraFinds, and this time it’s all about one of my favourite vintage ladies from Germany.

Ein Portrait der YouTuberin und Bloggerin Lily Jarlsson

Beautiful, delightful, tolerant: YouTuber and Blogger Lily Jarlsson

I already stumbled upon Lily Jarlsson a while ago and immediately fell in love with her inspiring videos on YouTube. What I especially appreciate about her is that she not only talks about beauty related topics (however, they don’t come off badly ;-)), but also about numerous facets of daily life. On her YouTube account, you will find makeup tips, hair tutorials, recipes, vintage hauls, and a lot more. Lily is always absolutely charming and authentic. She makes clear that women who dress vintage don’t necessarily want to live in the last century nor approve all the conventions from the past. Rather, Lily Jarlsson shows herself as a stylish, tolerant lady with modern points of view. A positive self-perception and practical, useful tips are thereby the main points of her videos.

Lily Jarlsson in einem Vintage-Rock

As of late, a blog complements Lily Jarlsson’s YouTube channel. She writes about fashion as well as beauty, betrays delicious recipes, and talks about lifestyle topics like vintage coffee time or flea market visits. All in all, her blog is a great mixture of different topics and definitely worth a visit.

Vintage-Mode-Bloggerin Lily Jarlsson mit Turban

Find Lily Jarlsson here:

Bloggerin und YouTuberin Lily Jarlsson mit einer Vintage-Frisur

Now, I would like to know which blogs you like to read. Or are you even writing for your own one? Please tell me and leave a comment with the proper link so I can visit them.

By the way: In my blogpost about six vintage blogs you should know, I introduce more inspiring ladies to you. 😉


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