How to wear Dirndl and Tracht in everyday Life

How to wear a Bavarian Dirndl and Tracht in everyday life

How to wear Dirndl and the Bavarian Tracht in everyday life

No Oktoberfest this year – 2020 is not only hard for us, but also for the Bavarian Dirndl and Tracht. But this doesn’t mean we can’t wear the traditional Bavarian clothing. We simply can integrate some traditional pieces in our everyday wardrobe. In the following, I’m going to show you how you can wear Dirndl and Co. without looking like you missed that Oktoberfest doesn’t take place this year.

How to wear Dirndl & Co. in everyday Life

In Bavaria, one can wear a Dirndl on several different occasions like family celebrations, weddings, christenings, or something similar. However, you most likely won’t see Bavarians wearing Dirndl or Lederhosen in everyday life (despite they are working at the Biergarten, for example). So the picture of the Bavarian population always wearing traditional clothing is definitely not more than a myth. This doesn’t matter though, we will now have a look on how we can wear traditional Bavarian clothing in everyday life. Traditional Bavarian garments often look very romantic and nostalgic, and therefore go very well with a vintage (inspired) look.

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RetroCat with the romantic traditional Austrian/Bavarian dress Gretl by Lena Hoschek

What you need to know before buying traditional Bavarian Clothing

Let’s start with some things you should keep in mind when you think of buying a Dirndl or traditional Bavarian clothing:

  • If you invest in a timeless, high-quality Dirndl without a lot of frills, it is definitely more likely that you will still wear this dress in a few years. I, for example, own a vintage Dirndl made by my mum when she was in my age, and it still looks good! So instead of buying a cheap polyester Dirndl, rather invest in something with good quality that you really like.
  • Of course the same things are true for traditional skirts, jackets, and other dresses as well! Make sure the quality is good and the piece looks timeless!
  • Dirndl and traditional Bavarian garments can be found in many second hand and vintage shops! Beside Munich’s vintage shops, I also like to search on platforms like Etsy* for pretty traditional pieces.

PS: Before wearing Dirndl and Co. by yourself, you might want to read my blogpost about the story of the Dirndl and Bavarian Tracht!

Be brave and wear a Dirndl

RetroCat wearing a Dirndl in everyday life

If you choose a quite subtle, classy Dirndl, why not wear it on the next family celebration? Or during your visit in Bavaria, of course.

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I personally prefer Dirndls with a not so deep neckline and made of cotton. You will find classy Dirndl in special Trachten shops in Germany, vintage shops in Munich, or at Lena Hoschek, for example.

Wear your Dirndl with

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Wear a Dirndl inspired Dress instead of a real Dirndl

Dirndl inspired or traditional dresses are a wonderful alternative to classy Dirndls. Such dresses still have this Alpine milkmaid style, but are definitely more suitable for everyday life. You can wear them in city, as well as in the countryside, and with good shoes even for shorter hikes. You will find some especially lovely traditional dresses at Lena Hoschek Tradition, for example. My dress called”Gretl” is by Lena Hoschek as well.

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Such traditional dresses can be worn with a summery straw hat and basket bag, as well as with warm tights and cardigans in autumn. They are as versatile as other dresses, in my opinion.

Wear your traditional Dress with:

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Wear traditional Knitwear instead of a Cardigan

Instead of wearing a classy cardigan, I like to team traditional knitwear or a so called Janker (traditional jackets made of wool) with everyday clothes. This is, in my opinion, also the most subtle way to integrate traditional pieces into your everyday wardrobe.

I usually buy my traditional knitwear in Munich’s vintage stores, but of course there are also some lovely new ones available at other stores.

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Traditional knitwear or jackets go very well with “rustic” garments like plaid skirts and warm tights. However, they also look good on top of more elegant outfits and summery dresses, as they add a romantic touch to them.

What to wear with traditional Knitwear:

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Team traditional Skirts with Everyday Clothes

Another wonderful possibility to wear traditional clothing in everyday life is by choosing a traditional skirt and teaming it with a pretty blouse, simple top, or lovely sweater.

My favourite skirt with traditional elements is the Ribbon Skirt by Lena Hoschek (I tell you more about it here). I personally chose a short skirt, as this one looks a bit more cheeky, but I really like the longer versions as well.

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Traditional skirts look wonderful in combination with romantic (lace) blouses, or just a subtle top or sweater.

What to wear with traditional Skirts:

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Where to shop Dirndls and traditional Bavarian Clothing

RetroCat with a vintage Dirndl in Munich

If you are searching for a Dirndl or other traditional Bavarian garments, I have some shopping tips for you:

  • Lena Hoschek Tradition offers a huge variety of wonderful traditional Austrian/Bavarian garments like Dirndls, dresses, skirts, and jackets. Let’s be honest: Her pieces aren’t bargains, but they are very beautiful and absolutely timeless.
  • Lodenfrey* has a lot of really wonderful traditional garments and Dirndls in stock. They also offer matching accessories form shoes, to bags and headwear – so definitely have a look!
  • Another shop where you find some traditional garments and matching accessories is Breuninger*. They only deliver to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, though.
  • Limberry offers some really wonderful traditional garments and delivers to many European countries.
  • If you are in Munich, definitely make sure to search in vintage shops for lovely traditional garments. Furthermore, the department stores Ludwig Beck and Oberpollinger offer a great selection of traditional clothing. You will also find lots of lovely smaller traditional stores in Munich, so make sure to keep your eyes open when visiting Munich!

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