New Year’s Eve for two: Tips for a fun Party at Home

New Year's Eve at Home: Tips for a fun Party with only two people
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New Year’s Eve at home

New Year’s Eve is usually a lavish party with lots of glamour, fun and a festive mood. But sometimes everything turns out differently. This year our dazzling party is canceled for a really sweet reason: a baby. So instead of a fancy party location, this time we’re celebrating in our own four walls. Admittedly, I’m not a huge New Year’s Eve fan anyway. That’s why it’s not at all inconvenient for me that the stress surrounding planning the last party of the year is simply eliminated. I’m looking forward to a cozy celebration at home with my loved one and would like to tell you below how we can get the best out of the situation.

New Year’s Eve at Home: The Outfit

What I actually always enjoy most about New Year’s Eve is to put together my party outfit. And this year, I definitely will dress up as well – although we are only going to stay at home. A glamorous look really puts me into the right mood, so I highly recommend you to do the same.

I particularly like 1920s dresses for New Year’s Eve. These simply look ultra glamorous and still offer enough freedom of movement. You can find some great dresses in the style of the 20s at TopVintage and at Gatsbylady Europe via Etsy*.

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New Year’s Eve Dinner

New Year's Eve dinner: Pizza raclette
Did you know it also is possible to make pizza in a raclette? PS: This one wasn’t made in a raclette, obviously 😉

It can be quite a long time until midnight, so I recommend to make a dinner that takes some time. The classics like fondue or raclette are always a good idea, of course. But why not make these classics a bit more fun? We are going to make pizza in our raclette, this year. 🙂

What you need for pizza raclette:

  • A raclette for two or more people
  • Pizza dough, portioned in small dough balls
  • Tomato sauce and toppings you want to put on your pizza

How it works:

Simply press the little pizza dough ball into your raclette pan, put tomato sauce and toppings on top and put the pan into the raclette. As soon as the dough is ready, take out your pan, enjoy your mini pizza and start making the next one. 🙂

New Year’s Eve at Home: The Drinks

New Year's Eve drinks in a glamorous cocktail glass

If we can’t have a huge New Year’s Eve party, we at least should enjoy a delicious drink. So I definitely recommend Champagne for the last party of the year.

Ideas for your New Year's Eve cocktails from the Downton Abbey Cocktail book

It can also be fun to mix fancy cocktails with your party buddy. If you need some inspiration for your drinks, I recommend The Official Downton Abbey Cocktail Book*.

By the way: For this special occasion, I like to use my best glasses! So my drinks are going to be served in the wonderful crystal glasses from my grandma.

Games for New Year’s Eve at Home

Games for New Year's Eve at home: Monopoly - the Game of Thrones edition
Perfect for a long game night: Monoply – The Game of Thrones Edition

Board games are a wonderful way to kill time until midnight. We are going to play Monoply – The Game of Thrones Edition, by the way. Doing a jigsaw together is another great way to spend the time.

Movie Tips for New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve at home: Movie tips for a night with your love

If you prefer watching a movie over playing a board game, here are some recommendations for New Year’s Eve:

  • The Great Gatsby (so at least, we can watch some smashing parties on TV)
  • Pandora’s Box with Louise Brooks (a silent movie from the 1920s)
  • Downton Abbey – The Movie (always a good idea if you want to dream yourself away)

And now, I wish you all a wonderful start into the new year and would like to know: How are you going to spend New Year’s Eve?

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