Everything different or not? The future of RetroCat

Alles anders oder doch nicht? Die Zukunft von RetroCat
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The future of RetroCat

I’ve been thinking for a long time about what to do next with RetroCat.de. I still enjoy sharing fashion and beauty tips, but my life has changed fundamentally since I became a mother. Even before my pregnancy, actually during the Corona lockdowns, I discovered my love for baking, cooking and gardening. At the end of 2022 we also moved from Munich back to the country. While before I was in cafés and eating out several times a week, now I’m cooking for myself and taking walks in nature. I wouldn’t have believed it, but I really like my new, quiet life. I rarely miss Munich and when I do go to the big city again, the hustle and bustle there quickly becomes too much for me.

My new Life in the Countryside

RetroCat in front of a traditional country garden in Bavaria

Last summer was one of the most beautiful ever. Although we only spent it at home in the garden, we were able to really enjoy it together thanks to parental leave. And how magical is Christmas with a child/baby? I’m so excited to see what 2024 has in store for us. I will start sowing next month. What I want to grow: Tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce, herbs and various types of berries. Luckily I don’t have to sow the latter, we already have numerous berry bushes in the garden. 🙂

Well, back to the topic. I still enjoy fashion. Every now and then I totally fall for the cottagecore style and then suddenly I like my old, glamorous clothes again. So I just wear whatever I like. Sometimes these are leggings, sweaters and capes, sometimes romantic dresses, sometimes western looks and sometimes super elegant outfits.

What’s next for RetroCat.de?

RetroCat at a lake in Bavaria

But what should happen next with RetroCat.de? While my blog was primarily a fashion blog for a long time, I would now like to expand it to include other topics. Of course, fashion will remain a big topic, but outfits can also be quickly shared on social media. What I miss and what I personally prefer to read are personal texts, a kind of diary. I would like to write more about my everyday life, even if it isn’t incredibly exciting. I also enjoy reading blogs like this, even though unfortunately there are fewer and fewer of them.

A homemade bread by RetroCat

For example, one of my personal favorite blogs was Mimi Thorisson’s. Unfortunately it is no longer updated, but I still enjoy browsing through the old posts. Tip: You can also find Mimi Thorisson’s wonderful pictures and delicious recipes in her three cookbooks (all e.g. via Amazon)  Old World Italian*, A Kitchen in France* and French Country Cooking.

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More Lifestyle on RetroCat.de

RetroCat reading in an old wing chair

So I want to make RetroCat.de more personal. Sharing more anecdotes from my everyday life, things I like, stories about gardening and of course my outfits. In a world that is becoming ever faster and short-lived, I would like to create a kind of retreat here. A site you enjoy browsing. Trying out recipes, drinking tea, looking at pictures and finding inspiration.

Maybe there are more people out there like me who enjoy classically feminine fashion, cooking, baking, gardening and beauty. Who like to explore the world, but also love to make themselves comfortable within their own home. And if you’re only interested in selected topics, that doesn’t matter. After all, there are categories for a reason. 😉

My current Favorites:

Macarons and a old tea cup from RetroCat

Before I end this post, I would like to share my current favorites with you. While I enjoy the snow outside, the signs in my apartment are currently full of spring. I decorate with flowers, enjoy pink furniture and have now stowed the Christmas decorations far away in the shed. 🙂 It will be quite a while before spring arrives here in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps. But this year I will try to enjoy this long time. While it’s wet and cold outside, I’m at home cooking with what the season has to offer and drinking floral teas. I think delicious food and good tea really make everything better – even the seemingly eternal winter.

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This blogpost contains affiliate links (marked with *). If you shop products via those links, I may get a small provision which helps me to maintain my blog. Of course the price doesn’t change for you.

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