Funny Poses, amusing Facial Expressions: My Blog Bloopers 2018 – Part 1

Funny Poses, amusing Facial Expressions: My Blog Bloopers 2018 – Part 1

Can you believe it’s already August? This means, half of the year is over and therefore it’s time for another round of blog bloopers. 😉 As always when I clean up my sd cards, I found so many funny snapshots which I want to share with you. So have fun and enjoy this blogpost!

Blog Bloopers 2018 – Part 1

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the best dancer of all? I guess, it’s not me, but my style of dancing is definitely one of the funniest. 😉

Outtakes 2018 Teil 1: RetroCat beim Drehen

RetroCat beim Versuch sich mit Tellerrock zu drehen

RetroCat mit schwingendem Tellerrock - Outtakes

I’m not only a dancing queen, my facial expressions are also quite funny, don’t you think so?

RetroCat mit einem Jumpsuit von Grünten Mode und einem seltsamen Gesichtsausdruck

RetroCat beim Faxen machen im Atelier von Grünten Mode

RetroCat mit einem nicht so gelungen Portrait

Outtake: RetroCat mit Cardigan

RetroCat mit breitem Grinsen

Outtake: RetroCat beim Posen in einem Baum

Special locations require special shoes. We chose the Austrian Mountains for this shoot in the woods. Unfortunately, there was still lots of snow so I replaced my ballet flats by hiking boots as soon as the shoot was done. I felt a bit like Heidi, by the way. 😉

RetroCat mit Tellerrock und Bergschuhen

Some of the funny snapshots are not my fault. Sometimes, Martin seems to enjoy taking photos of me getting to the locations, just as it was the case when we took photos for this outfitpost. 😉

Outtake: RetroCat gelangt zur Shootinglocation

Last but not least my favourite photo. As you maybe know from my previous blog blooper posts, it can be quite tricky to take photos of me while I’m jumping sometimes. This snapshot is just another proof. 😉

Outtake: RetroCat beim Springen

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and had as much fun looking at my blog bloopers as Martin and I had while shooting them. 😉

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