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I guess everyone of us knows this: We stand in front of our wardrobe and although we have tons of clothes, we don’t know what to wear. I have the feeling, the more garments one has, the worse it gets. In the end, one wears the same few things most of the time, and the majority of our beautiful clothes stays untouched in the closet. To safe time in the morning (or evening), but still be able to create extraordinary and different looks, I created a kind of outfit formular. And as I often get the question how I create my looks, I decided to share my fashion formular with you!

Sandra vom Vintage-Fashion-Blog RetroCat mit einem eleganten Retro-Tages-Outfit

Step 1: Start with a chic Base

Let’s start with the base of our look. If I don’t have a lot of time, I usually choose a dress, since this means I don’t have to care about a matching top. If, on the other side, I have more time and want to play with my clothes a little bit, I go for a skirt, or sometimes trousers. Usually, I grab the piece that catches my attention first, when I open the closet. But I also make sure to bring variety into my outfits. So when I wore a black dress the day before, I go for a red skirt today, for example. This time, I chose the Rita Skirt* by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury.

The Rita Skirt by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury

RetroCat mit dem Rita Skirt von The Seamstress of Bloomsbury und Strümpfen von Secrets in Lace

Rita is a full circle swing skirt inspired by the 1940s. And as my twirl photo proves, it really swings amazingly. 😉 The light Crepe de Chine fabric flatters beautifully with every movement and the white details as well as the square buttons in the front add that certain something to the skirt. If you like, you can also wear Rita with a petticoat underneath to create a more 50s inspired look, but I prefered less volume, this time.

Step 2: Add a modern / simple Touch

Fashion-Bloggerin RetroCat in einem Streifenshirt in München

I love the vintage look, however, I like to add a modern, fashionable touch to my outfits. Furthermore, simple, modern basics go very well with retro pieces, are affordable, and are super easy to combine. I love black turtlenecks, for example, and striped shirts, obviously. Moreover, I have a weakness for modern shoes. Don’t worry, I would never ever wear those so called Chunky Sneakers. Fashionable, pointy heels, on the other side, are something I could spend all my money on. 😉

PS: In this blogpost, I show you the most beautiful shoe trends of 2019.

Step 3: Add a signature Piece

Vintage-Bloggerin RetroCat mit den Dana Glamour Nahtstrümpfen von Secrets in Lace - Europe

Blair Waldorf had her hairband, Karl Lagerfeld his fingerless gloves. I have my (seamed) nylon stockings. I love to add a signature piece to my looks, and wear almost always nylons with my outfits. For work, I choose seamless ones. In my freetime, though, I love fancy stockings with lovely details. But of course, a signature piece can also be a specific hairstyle, just think of Anna Wintour, or a type of shoe you always wear (do you know Veronika Heilburnner? She teams almost every outfit with sneakers, for example). No matter what your signature piece is, just make sure it suits you and your look.

Step 4: Don’t forget Accessories

Mode-Bloggerin RetroCat mit auffälligen Ethno-Ohrringen von Stella & Dot

Another important point to create an extraordinary, stylish look are accessories. Most of the time, they really make a difference. My fancy earrings, for example, make my whole outfit look more thrilling. More accessories that help to bring your look to another level are (waist) belts, a pretty watch, amazing shoes, gorgeous handbags, chic hats, or lovely gloves. The most unique accessories, by the way, are true vintage pieces.

Step 5: Breach your Style

Bloggerin RetroCat mit einer eleganten Vintage-Abendtasche

After point 4, you are actually ready to go. However, I like to add a breach of style to make my outfits more interesting. This means, I team my outfit with a piece (an accessory, for example) that actually doesn’t really suit the style of the outfit, but still looks great in combination with the look. In my case, I teamed a sparkly evening handbag with a daytime outfit. There are many different ways to breach your style, though: What about teaming sparkly shoes with swing trousers and a blouse? Or a leather jacket on top of a girly dress? Just experiment a bit and I’m sure you will be surprised how interesting and stylish a breach of style can look! However, I recommend to don’t overdo, otherwise it can look like you just grabbed something without thinking about your look. 😉

Outfit Details:

Rita Skirt: c/o The Seamstress of Bloomsbury

Striped shirt: Hallhuber, similar here

Coat: Hell Bunny, similar here

Stockings: c/o Secrets in Lace – Europe

Garter Belt: c/o Secrets in Lace – Europe

Shoes: Peter Kaiser

Handbag: Vintage via Vintage Love

Earrings: Stella & Dot, similar here

Bracelet: Swarovski, similar here

Those five tips can be used for many different occasions. They really help me to get ready faster and also to wear all my clothes, not only my three favourite pieces. I hope, this post and my outfit formular was helpful for you, too! Maybe you want to create your very own outfit formular, now? 😉

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