Catspiration: 10 Things we can learn from Cats

Catspiration: 10 Things we can learn from Cats

What we can learn from cats

Stubborn and independend – this is how we often describe cats. It is most likely no wonder that I’m a big cat lover, I mean, I even called myself “RetroCat”. I even decided that in my next life, I will be a cat. Not just a cat, of course, a spoiled cat that lives in a castle with a huge velvet pillow in front of the fireplace, a large garden, and a shed full of mice, and lovely humans that spoil me even more (not owners, though, cats don’t really have owners. ;-)) Until then, I at least can try to learn some things from cats, as I think they are pretty remarkable animals. I’m curious how you are going to like this not so serious blogpost. So channel your inner cat and keep on reading. 😉

What we can learn from Cats: Laziness is a Virtue

Ein fauler Löwe auf einem Stein

When cats are not hunting or eating, they are usually lazily lying around and maybe watching their surroundings. In our busy world, it might not be possible to chill the whole day long. But I strongly believe everyone deserves some quiet hours per day. So why don’t we just make us a cup of tea, have a seat at our balcony, terrace or in front of a window and daydream a bit. I love to watch the little busy squirrel in our garden, for example. Looking into nature or just at some pretty green plants always calms me down and afterwards, I feel so relaxed, inspired, and ready to go on with everyday life.

What we can learn from Cats: The best is just good enough

Why should we accept the next best, when we can have the very best? At least, this could be the motto of cats. Or did yours never resisted to eat something they used to like but now decided this in no longer good enough? I actually think we should focus more on the good things and quality as well, no matter if this may be good friends, food, or clothes. Furthermore, in the end, quality usually outdoes quantity.

Let’s just have a look at those examples: There might be that cheap dress that actually looks quite good at first glance. We buy it, and maybe even more such cheap clothes, because we can never have enough of them, do we? In the end, the synthetic fibres start to smell after wearing them for just a short time in the heat, and after washing the garments twice, they are ruined. In the end, it would have made more sense to invest in only a few high-quality things, as those will really make you happy and can be life-long companions.

The same with friends: Just because one has a lot of so called friends doesn’t mean those friendships are all super worthy. I believe that a few very good friends are better than many “loose” friendships.

What we can learn from Cats: Being alone can be beautiful

Was wir von Katzen lernen können: Alleinsein kann auch schön sein

Most cats are solitary animals and quite confident with this. I believe, we humans should learn to be alone with just ourselves more often too. I don’t mean being lonely, by the way. While the latter can feel really bad, being alone for some hours or a day can be absolutely amazing. Finally, we can do exactly what we want! We can watch the series we like most, hear the embarrassing music we like, and lit the scented candle we love, without taking care of others. And after such  a “me-time” it feels even better to welcome your loved ones back.

What we can learn from Cats: Rules are made to be broken

Cats always do what they want, if you like it or not. Most of them exactly know the rules, though. But as soon as you leave the room, they are going to eat your cake or sleep on your pillow (at least, my cat does this). Of course I don’t want you to break all the rules, only some teeny tiny rules. 😉 Like fashion rules for example: Why don’t we team black and blue together, if we want to? In the end, this even often looks amazing, like this dress proves. And I also believe that it is absolutely okay to nibble the cake made for the guests. 😉

What we can learn from Cats: It is absolutely fine to be a bit egoistic sometimes

Does your cat what you tell her? I don’t think so. Most of the time, they don’t even look at us, if they don’t want to. Do we like them less due to their egoism? No. I even believe we love cats so much because they are so egoistic. And I believe, we humans should take care about us more often as well. And being a little bit egoistic sometimes is okay as well. We don’t have to do every favour when we don’t want to. Saying “no” can actually be a real relieve sometimes.

What we can learn from Cats: Playing is always a good Idea

Zwei spielende Katzen in einer Gasse

My cat is an old boy, he still really enjoys to play, though. And why shouldn’t he? We should play and have fun more often as well. So why don’t we just organise an evening with friends and many funny games? This makes happy and we can forget the seriousness for a few hours.

What we can learn from Cats: Being focused is a good Characteristic

Watching cats while they are hunting really is fascinating. First, they completely focus on their quarry (which might simply be a small ball ;-)), then, they kind of twerk/shake their butt, before they attack. We don’t have to twerk if we don’t like to, but focusing on things can be quite helpful. Because although women are said to be able to multitask, it most of the time is better and quicker to do only one thing at a time and the second afterwards.

What we can learn from Cats: Be yourself

Ein wohlgenährter Kater unter einem Weihnachtsbaum

Pussycat in one moment, scratching-cat in the next moment – cats can be quite unpredictable. They are always themselves though, and never pretend to be someone else. We should be authentic and ourselves, too. Of course we don’t have to scratch someone, but pretending to be someone else isn’t the right way, either.

What we can learn from Cats: Live in the Present

While humans tend to overthink their past and worry about their future, cats just live in the present. Of course it makes sense to critically review our past and provide for the future, however, we also should try to live in the present more often. We can’t change what happened in the past, and can affect our future only in a limited way – so why should we spend our whole, precious day with thinking about times we are no longer or not yet living in? Just let us be a bit more lighthearted and in the here and now.

What we can learn from Cats: Always be curious & eager to learn

Eine neugierig dreinblickende Katze unter einem Baum

I don’t know anyone who is more curious than my cat. There isn’t a box, drawer, or closet he doesn’t have to look in. And I believe, being curious, eager and willing to learn is a good thing! Cats, by the way, can be pretty good in learning new things. They only learn things, though, that are going to help them. My cat, for example, is able to open the package of his treats. 😉

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