Wonderful small retro Labels and Shops from Germany

Wonderful small retro brands from Germany

Wonderful small retro brands and shops from Germany

I still can’t believe how the world has changed since my last post went online! As most of you, I’m going to spend my time at home, currently, and the only thing I can do right now it trying to somehow go on. For me, this means writing new blogposts. In the last few days, I saw how hard it is especially for small brands, cafés, restaurants, and shops.

I’ve always been a big fan of small, independed stores and brands. A world without such wonderful, creative, and charming brands/shops would be very boring. So in the following, I’m not only going to show you some very lovely small German retro labels and shops, but also tell you, how we can support small businesses right now.

PS: In this blogpost, I focus on German retro brands and shops, as it would have been ways too long if I share all the wonderful small retro brands/shops I know. You will find a lot of shops and brands from all over the world in my shopping tips, though, and I’m also planning an extra blogpost for them. 😉

How to support small retro Brands and Shops

Kleine Retro-Marken aus Deutschland: RetroCat im Atelier von Grünten Mode

Cancelled festivals and tradeshows, closed shops, and ongoing costs – especially for small shops, cafés, restaurants etc. this time is very challenging. But we all can support them!

  • So please, if you can, still buy from such brands/stores. A lot of them are offering special shipping options, now.
  • You can also buy a gift card from your favourite shop, café, restaurant etc.
  • Or, if you don’t want to or can’t buy something at the moment, we can still show them our support on social media.

*This blogpost contains affiliate links (marked with *)

Small retro Brands

Now, I finally want to introduce you to those wonderful small retro brands and shops. And if you can’t buy anything, you might at least find some inspiration and distraction.

Small retro Shops: Fräulein Backfisch

RetroCat mit einem Badeanzug vom Retro-Shop Fräulein Backfisch

Fräulein Backfisch offers everything for stylish pin up and retro girls: Clothing, beach wear, handbags, and accessories. I already introduced the shop in this blogpost, by the way.

Fräulein Backfisch:

Website: www.fraeuleinbackfisch.de

Instagram: @fraeulein_backfisch

Facebook: www.facebook.com/fraeuleinbackfisch

Lovely retro Shops: NAPO Shop

Zauberhafte Retro-Marken aus Deutschland: RetroCat mit einem Kleid von Vive Maria

At the NAPO Shop, you will find the lovely brands Vive Maria* and Pussy Deluxe* as well as some charming Disney shirts*. The garments by Vive Maria and Pussy Deluxe are very comfortable while still being super cute – perfect for the home office. Vive Maria also offers very cute lounge wear*, by the way.

NAPO Shop:

Website: www.napo-shop.de*

Small Retro Shops from Germany: Miss Lovett Mannheim

Ein Sommerkleid von Miss Lovett
Photo: Miss Lovett

Miss Lovett is a wonderful small retro label from Germany. The owner Deborah creates her own designs in her Atelier in Mannheim. She can also alter or create something up to your wishes.

Miss Lovett:

Website: www.misslovett.com/de/

Etsy: www.etsy.com/de/shop/MissLovettClothing*

Instagram: @miss_lovett_mannheim

Facebook: www.facebook.com/misslovett.de/

Wonderful retro Labels from Germany: Marlenes Töchter

Marlenes Töchter offers amazing classy clothes inspired by the 1930s, 40s, and 50s made of modern fabrics. They also offer clothing for men and kids and made-to-measure production is possible as well. At Marlenes Töchter, you will find quality work handmade in Germany.

Marlenes Töchter:

Website: marlenes-toechter.de

Instagram: @marlenestoechter

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Marlenes.Toechter

Wonderful retro Brands from Germany: Frozen Hibiscus

Frozen Hibiscus is a Berlin based fashion brand that offers fair produced, high-quality garments made in Germany and inspired by the 1920s to 50s with a modern twist. Made-to-measure production is possible as well.

*Affiliate links

Frozen Hibiscus:

Etsy: www.etsy.com/de/shop/FrozenHibiscus*

Instagram: www.instagram.com/frozen_hibiscus

Facebook: www.facebook.com/frozen.hibiscus

Wonderful retro Labels from Germany: Grünten Mode

RetroCat mit Sara von der Retro-Marke Grünten Mode aus Deutschland

Grünten Mode is named after a mountain in Bavaria – the Grünten. All clothes from Grünten Mode are designed and handmade in southern Germany – a wonderful statement in times of fast fashion! So of course, made-to-measure production is possible. The garments are mainly inspired by the 1960s and modern art.

Grünten Mode:

Website: www.gruenten-mode.de

Instagram: @grunten_mode

Facebook: www.facebook.com/grunten.mode

Wonderful retro Labels from Germany: Julia Seyfarth

RetroCat mit Julia Seyfarth vom gleichnamigen Retro-Label

The young fashion label Julia Seyfarth from Erfurt/Germany focuses on fashion inspired by the 30s to the 50s and works with original sewing patterns. Of course, all the fabrics are high-quality as well and everything is handmade.

*Affiliate links

Julia Seyfarth:

Website: https://julia-seyfarth-modedesign.de

Etsy: www.etsy.com/de/market/julia_seyfarth*

Instagram: www.instagram.com/juliaseyfarth

Wonderful retro Brands from Germany: Blutsgeschwister

Kleine Retro-Marken aus Deutschland: Blutsgeschwister
Bild: Blutsgeschwister

Blutsgeschwister is a German brand that produces durable and comfortable fashion. Although the designs are very colourful, they are still timeless and do not follow any trends. Blutsgeschwister also is part of the Fair Wear Foundation and adjust their production step by step to get more resource-saving. As all the stores are closed currently, Blutsgeschwister offers free shipping. The new collection, by the way, is called “Mélodie d’amour“ and an homage to the elegant chic of the Parisiennes.


Website: www.blutsgeschwister.de*

Instagram: @blutsgeschwister.official

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Blutsgeschwister

Wonderful small Fashion Brands from Germany: Honór Couture

RetroCat im Atelier von Honor Couture - einer Marke für festliche Mode

Honór Couture really lives up to their name: The elaborate dresses are all handsewn in Germany and have so many great details. Owner and designer Franziska Rüsch only uses high-quality fabrics like cotton, soft cashmere, chiffon, and shimmering silk. So it is no wonder that her dresses not only look amazing, but also feel great on the skin. Franziska Rüsch creates garments for women, that flatter the female body. She gets inspired by bygone eras, nevertheless, she makes clothes for modern women. Her designs never get out of fashion, they are timeless classics which will look as amazing in ten years as they do now.

Honór Couture:

Website: www.honor-couture.de

Facebook: www.facebook.com/honor.couture

Instagram: @honor_couture

Wonderful retro Labels from Germany: Atelier Belle Couture

RetroCat mit einem bunten Tellerrock-Kleid von Atelier Belle Couture

Atelier Belle Couture creates made-to-measure dresses inspired by the 1950s and 60s for a very fair price. They make wonderful petticoat dresses that always cheer me up, as well as very comfortable and stylish jersey dresses.

*Affiliate links

Atelier Belle Couture:

Etsy: www.etsy.com/de/shop/atelierbellecouture*

Facebook: www.facebook.com/atelierbellecouture

Wonderful retro Brands from Germany: Vecona Vintage

Retro-Marken aus Deutschland: Vecona Vintage

Vecona Vintage offer wonderful retro clothing for women and men inspired by the 1920s to 1940s. They use high-quality, modern, and comfortable fabrics and are definitely worth a visit!

*Affiliate links

Vecona Vintage:

Website: www.vecona-vintage.com

Etsy: www.etsy.com/de/shop/VeconaVintage*

Instagram: @veconavintage

Facebook: www.facebook.com/VeconaVintage

Retro Brand from Germany: 18nulleins Lady

RetroCat mit einem Stricktop im Stil der 30er-Jahre von 18nulleins Lady

18nulleins Lady is a small brand from Southern Germany that offer authentic retro designs inspired by the 30s and 40s. While in their own online shop they only sell a very limited amount of different garments, they are also represented at TopVintage* with some more designs.

Where to find 18nulleins Lady:

Website: www.18nulleins.de

TopVintage: https://topvintage.de/de/kleidung?merk=18nulleins_lady*

Instagram: @18nulleinslady

Wonderful small retro Labels from Germany: Nadja Christner

RetroCat mit einem Fascinator vom kleinen Retro-Label Nadja Christner

I recently introduced Nadja Christner on my blog to you. Nadja is specialised in unique handbags with decorative metal clips as a handle and creates everything by hand, while she mainly uses remains of exquisite furnishing fabrics, which normally wouldn’t be used anymore. Beside handbags, Nadja Christner also offers amazing and unique fascinators, so definitely make sure to have a look!


Nadja Christner:

Website: www.nadja-christner.de

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/de/shop/NadjaChristner*

Instagram: @nadjachristnertaschen

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ChristnerTaschen

Wonderful small retro Labels from Germany: Faunauge

RetroCat mit einem Fascinator mit Feder von Faunauge aus Deutschland

Faunauge offers amazing headdress and exclusive accessories for different occasions. Everything is made in Leipzig/Germany and the designer uses things like old shirts, bras, or jeans for her creations – upcycling, handmade, and amazing quality.


Website: www.faunauge.de

Instagram: @faunauge

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Faunauge

Wonderful small retro Labels from Germany: Miranda’s Choice

Retro-Marken aus Deutschland: RetroCat mit einem Pillbox von Miranda's Choice

Miranda’s Choice creates pretty retro hats, colourful accessories, and skirts for very fair prices. Colourful fascinators, hairflowers, funny earrings, or a made-to-measure skirt – this shop is a girl’s dream. Plus: You will get 10 % off, at the moment, find more information here.

Miranda’s Choice:

Website: www.miranda-s-choice.de

Instagram: @mirandas.choice

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mirandaschoice.de

Wonderful retro Labels from Germany: Frollein von Sofa

RetroCat mit goldenen Schuhen von Frollein von Sofa aus Deutschland

Frollein von Sofa offers so many unbelievable creative and fun hats and fascinators. All her creations are super funny, cheeky, and definitely make one smile. The shoes you can see in the picture are by Frollein von Sofa as well, however, they are no longer in stock. Nevertheless, make sure to have a look at her gorgeous hats and fascinators!

Frollein von Sofa:

Website: www.frolleinvonsofa.de

Instagram: @frolleinvonsofa

Wonderful Milliner from Germany: Mein wunderbarer Hutsalon

RetroCat mit einem großen Hut von mein wunderbarer Hutsalon

Mein wunderbarer Hutsalon offers beautiful and authentic vintage inspired hats with a lot of lovely details. Beside the Audrey Hepburn inspired hat you can see in the photo, I also got the one shown in this blogpost from mein wunderbarer Hutsalon.

*Affiliate links

Mein wunderbarer Hutsalon:

Etsy: www.etsy.com/de/shop/MeinWunderbaHutsalon*

Facebook: www.facebook.com/meinwunderbarerhutsalon

Do you know more wonderful small retro brands and shops (from wherever they are in the world)? Share them with us in a comment, so we all can have a look!

And now, the only thing I can say is: Stay at home! I hope you can now find a bit of distraction and new inspiration online while virtually visiting all these wonderful shops and brands. <3


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