Spring vibes: Stockings and Tights for transitional Season & Spring

Spring vibes: Stockings and Tights for transitional Season & Spring

Stockings and tights for transitional season and spring

Although the first crocuses might already bloom, it is usually still quite chilly outside. In my blogpost about elegant retro outfits for transitional season, I already gave several tips on how to dress appropriate for the season, while still looking at least a bit “spring like”. In this blogpost, I’m going to exclsively talk about hosiery for transitional season and spring. Are you ready for some spring vibes?

I sorted the different kind of tights and stockings by temperatures. So we start with hosiery for the quite cold late winter/early spring days and end with stockings and nylons for the warm spring days. PS: At the end of the blogpost, I share some shops with you, where you can find extraordinary nylons, stockings, and tights. 🙂

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Opaque Tights for transitional Season

RetroCat mit einer blickdichten Strumpfhose mit ausgelassener Naht von Wolford
Fancy details like this “seam” make opaque tights real head-turners.

The sun is shining longer ever day, and the temperatures are at least no longer freezing. However, it is still quite cold, especially in the shadow. On such days, we can leave our thermal tights at home, but should still make sure to wear something warm. I recommend opaque tights with 40 den to 80 den. If it is really cold, you can even wear tights with up to 100 den. (PS: If you don’t know what „den = Denier“ means, make sure to check out my stockings ABC.)

Those tights absolutely don’t have to look boring! You can either choose between  white* and colourful ones*, or tights with “seams”*, glitter*, or a flower pattern* – all of these will immediatley add that certain something to your outfit and are definitely quite extraordinary.

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Semi-opaque Tights for transitional Season

RetroCat mit einer semitransparenten Strumpfhose von Chantal Thomass

As soon as the critical temperatures lie behind us, but it still can be chilly outside, I recommend tights between 20 up to 40 den. Those tighs are usually semi-opaque, so you can see at least a little bit of skin shimmering through them.

Semi-opaque tights are available in so many different designs! Of course you can go for “painted seams”* and amazingly beautiful flower patterns*, again. Polka-dots*, overknee-designs*, or a fishnet pattern* look great as well.

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Extraordinary sheer Tights for Spring

As soon as the temperatures get even higher, it is time to wear sheer tights or stockings. On a bit cooler days, I personally prefer tights, as they keep me warmer than stockings. Sheer tights usually have between 5 den (the very delicate ones) and 20 den (the a bit thicker ones).

Sheer tights already look much more spring-like than opaque tights. However, there are so many different designs available that are worth a deeper look. Seamed tights are available in a lot of different designs: sublte and classic (beige* or black*), colourful*, with bows* or a fancy heel*. I especially like seams in form of words, as they are so unique and people always ask me about them. The ones you can see in the pictures are by Wolford* and unfortunately no longer available. But I found some similar tights that say “Love” from Trasparenze*. Of course, there are also sheer tights with wonderful flower patterns*, and even leopard prints* or pretty rose details* available.

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Gorgeous Stockings & Nylons for Spring

Strümpfe und Strumpfhosen für die Übergangszeit und den Frühling: zarte Nylons

As soon as spring is really here, it is time to wear delicate nylons and lovely stockings again. I do wear my nylons in winter every now and then, but only when I’m not going to stay outside very long. If I know I will be outside for a while, I must say, I got a bit wiser over the years and prefer warm tights during the cold season. So in spring, I’m even more happy to awake my stockings from hibernation!

In spring, I like to wear all different kinds of nylons: from classy sheer with a black seam to pastel-colours and very delicate ones (most of my nylons are by Secrets in Lace, by the way). Of course, now also is the time to wear thigh-highs, again. But I must say, I personally do not like them that much. Although they look great and are practical, as you don’t need a garter belt, they tend to slip down my leg after a while, and this always is so very uncomfortable! I personally recommend trying it by yourself. I know a lot of ladies who prefer thigh-highs over stockings with garters – I guess this is simply a very personal thing.

By the way: If you enjoy wearing stockings with garters, make sure to also read my blogpost about reliable garter belts. 😉

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Fishnet Tights for transitional Season & Spring

Fishnet tights are not really able to keep you warm, however, they look quite cool and are able to add that certain something to an outfit.

When it comes to fishnet tights, keep the following rule in mind: The smaller the net, the more elegant they look. I personally really like to wear skin-coloured fishnet tights, as I think they are elegant and make the legs look so beautiful. Black fishnets, on the other side, add a pretty cool highlight to my looks.

As long as it is quite cold outside, I wear fishnets on top of other tights. On very cold days, I like to team boring thermal tights with fancy fishnet tights with flowers* or pearls*. When temperatures are warmer, I like to wear – beside the classic fishnet tights – ones with: a classy seam*, a seam with rhinestones*, dots*, flowers*, colourful flower patterns*, wild flowers*, and so on!

Fishnet tights are available at almost every shop that offers hosiery. I personally like the ones by Secrets in Lace, Wolford* or Calzedonia* the most, but other brands offer great fishnet tights as well.

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Where to shop extraordinary Tights for transitional Season & Spring:

RetroCat mit einer schwarzen Strumpfhose und ElvaVintage mit grauen Nylons

Where to shop extraordinary Stockings & Nylons for Spring:

RetroCat mit pinken Nylons von Secrets in Lace im Frühling

Where to shop extraordinary Tigh Highs for Spring:

Für die Übergangszeit: RetroCat mit einer Overknee-Strumpfhose von Calzedonia
I know that these are not tigh highs, but I don’t have a proper photo, at the moment. 😉

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