Review: The thrilling Tease me Stockings by Agent Provocateur

The thrilling Tease me Stockings by Agent Provocateur: Review and Styling Tips
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Review: Agent Provocateur Tease me Stockings

Some of my nylons, stockings and tights are so special, they deserve an own blogpost, I think. So in a new review series, I want to show you some of my most beautiful, seductive and fancy hosiery. Let’s start with the very thrilling Tease me stockings by Agent Provocateur*.

Tease me Stockings by Agent Provocateur: An Overview

Colour: “Champagner” with an artificial seam

Hosiery type: Hold-up stockings

Special features: Reinforced welt, heels, soles and toes

Stretchy: Yes

Denier: 15

Care: Handwash

Price: 45 €

Shop: Agent Provocateur*

Agent Provocateur Tease me Stockings: Review

RetroCat wearing the Tease me stockings by Agent Provocateur and a red skirt

The Tease me stockings by Agent Provocateur are definitely one of my most seductive pairs of stockings and tights. More on that later, though. Let’s start with some first impressions.

First of all I have to mention that I own the Tease me stockings that are worn with a garter belt. At the Agent Provocateur online shop, there is only the hold-up version available, though. As both kind of stockings look exactly the same and only differ in the way they are held up on your legs, I decided to share this review anyway.

Colour and Features

RetroCat wearing the Tease me Stockings by Agent Provocateur
If you ever have to search for something underneath your armchair, as long as you are wearing the Tease me stockings, you will look great 😉

Let’s come back to talk about the special features of the Tease me stockings. Although they are very delicate (15 den), they make my legs look great and almost flawless, due to a lovely champagne colour.

On the back, there is an artificial seam (they are not true fully fashioned nylons) that says the following words: whip me, bite me, eat me, tease me. So the stockings are definitely very specific and are therefore a wonderful accessory for a date night with your love. I wouldn’t wear them on a first date though, and rather save them for following dates, provided you have a crush on the other one. 😉

The soles of the Tease me stockings by Agent Provocateur

There is a solid black welt on which I attach the garter belt. If I put the stockings on, I also grab them at the solid welt to save the more delicate parts. Toes, part of the soles and heels are reinforced, by the way.

Wearing Comfort

The wearing comfort of my stockings is good. They feel great on the skin. I always wear them with a quite solid garter belt, though, as they tend to slip down a bit if you are moving a lot. I can’t tell you how good the hold-ups stay up, though.

My Conclusion:

The Tease me tights by Agent Provocateur are definitely very thrilling and sexy. They are not very appropriate for the office, but look amazing on a dinner date with your love, on a visit at a revue theatre (I wore them at the Crazy Horse Paris) and of course in the bedroom. 😉 I have worn mine quite often and also hand washed them a few times – they are still in a very good condition.

If you like sexy stockings, these ones are definitely a recommendation.

How to style the Tease me Stockings by Agent Provocateur

The Tease me stockings by Agent Provocateur can be styled in quite a few different ways and for different occasions.

A visit at the Theatre

The Tease me stockings are definitely made for going out! They look amazing in combination with a little black dress and some sparkly accessories! A perfect outfit for a night out a revue theatre, I believe.

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Dinner Date

Those stockings also go well with a 1940s inspired swing skirt and a sparkly cardigan*. A wonderful outfit for a dinner date with your love, I think.

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From Work to Dinner

RetroCat wearing a grey pencil dress and the Tease me stockings by Agent Provocateur

The Tease me stockings are a wonderful way to spice up a lovely grey pencil dress. And if you don’t have time after a day at the office to completely change your outfit for dinner or a party, simply replace your subtle business hosiery by those seductive stockings and you are ready to go out! This combination of a rather plain dress and those thrilling stockings is one of my favourites, by the way.

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