How to style Over the Knee Tights

How to style Over the Knee Tights

How to style over the knee tights

Over the knee tights are super trendy – I am sure every fashionista knows this. But they can also look very trendy and even seductively elegant. To be honest: I personally usually prefer classy nylons and elegant tights. Nevertheless, I also like to wear those fashionable over the knee tights every now and then, as they are able to make a simple outfit more stylish. So in the following, I am going to tell you what you need to know about this kind of hosiery, where to buy it and how to style it.

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What are Over the Knee Tights?

RetroCat wearing over the knee tights with cats by Calzedonia

Over the knee tights are actually exactly what they are called. While over the knee stockings actually end above the knees, over the knee tights usually have a more opaque or darker bottom part that ends above the knee. The upper part, on the other side, usually is more sheer or at least optically different. I personally prefer tights over stockings in this case, by the way, as they are simply more practical. They don’t slip as much and keep our bottom warm – even in winter. 😉

Where to shop Over the Knee Tights:

Over the knee tights are available from a lot of different brands and shops. At TopVintage, for example, you will find some classy ones in grey*. Furthermore, you will find sublte black tights* as well as ones with super lovely kittens*. Calzedonia* also offers some lovely over the knee hosiery, by the way. And here are some more pretty tights:

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How to style Over the Knee Tights

Over the knee legwear is not as versatile as classy hosiery. Nevertheless, they can be styled with a lot of different outfits and looks. I am going to show you some different styles and tell you, how to team this kind of legwear.

Mini Skirts and Dresses

Definitely a classic look with over the knee tights is an outfit consisting of a mini skirt or dress in combination with the cheeky hosiery. I personally like to wear a simple 60s inspired mini dress or skirt in combination with the tights.

If you choose a flared mini skirt and a blouse to wear with over the knee tights, on the other side, you will get a super cute school girl look inspired by Gossip Girl. 😉

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A seductive and elegant Outfit

My lovely co model is ElvaVintage.

Over the knee legwear can not only look cheeky and girly, but also very elegant and even seductive. I, for example, also like to team this kind of tights with a skirt or dress in midi length. In this case, I like to choose some more fancy tights with laces, for example. Often, it isn’t obvious you are wearing over the knee legwear, in this case. They just can be seen when doing some specific movements. So a lovely little hosiery secrets. 😉

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Do you like over the knee legwear? Or do you prefer classy, elegant hosiery?

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