Seductive & sexy: The most beautiful red lingerie for New Year’s Eve

Rote Unterwäsche für Silvester: Die schönsten Looks
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Red lingerie for New Year’s Eve & why we should wear them

It is said that whoever wears red lingerie on New Year’s Eve will have luck, success, love and passion in the New Year. However, the lingerie must not have been bought by yourself, no, it must be a gift and will be worn for the first and only time on New Year’s Eve. You should also throw them away at New Year’s Day. Well, I’m not superstitious and don’t think much of such traditions. But I do like to wear red lingerie and of course they can also be given as gifts. 😉 However, the fantastic models that I would like to introduce to you in this article are far too good to throw away. But I’m sure they’ll also bring good luck if we just keep wearing them in the new year.

Red corsages & braletts

Red Underwear for New Year's Eve: Presented by RetroCat

If you wear red corsages or bralettes on New Year’s Eve, you can incorporate them into your outfit right away. Simply wear a sheer blouse (e.g. via TopVintage*) and a tight pencil skirt (e.g. from Maison Close via Farfetch*) or chic swing trousers (e.g. via TopVintage*) and you’re done. If you’re brave, simply leave the blouse off and wear the bralette alone. By the way, the bras from Bordelle look particularly seductive. Unfortunately, my bra in the picture is only available in black (e.g. via Farfetch*). At Farfetch*, though, you can find a similar model in red.

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How to style your corsages for New Year’s Eve

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Red bodies, corsets & corset dresses for New Year’s Eve

RetroCat wearing a red body by Agent Provocateur: Perfect for New Year's Eve

Red bodies and corsets can replace the top and go wonderfully with fitted pencil skirts (e.g. from Maison Close via Farfetch*), flared tulle skirts (e.g. via TopVintage*) or elegant swing trousers (e.g. via TopVintage*). Corset dresses (e.g. from Bordelle via Farfetch* or Dolce & Gabbana via MyTheresa*) also make a great, seductive New Year’s Eve outfit and don’t even require any other items of clothing.

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How to style your Bodies and Corsets for New Year’s Eve

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Seductive red Lingerie for New Year’s Eve

RetroCat wearing a red brad with her Dita von Teese Cardigan

Maybe your New Year’s Eve outfit has been ready for a long time and you’re just looking for nice red underwear? Voila, these are my favorites from different shops. In my opinion, the Dirty Martini BH from Fleur du Mal* is absolutely perfect for New Year’s Eve. If, on the other hand, you plan to spend New Year’s Eve comfortably on the couch at home, it’s best to do so in style in cashmere underwear from Kiki de Montparnasse, e.g. via Farfetch*.

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Perfect for New Year’s Eve: Stockings with a red Seam

Red seamed stockings for New Year's Eve worn by RetroCat

To match the red underwear, I recommend stockings with red seams or other red details, if the outfit allows it. I would say, if in doubt, we’ll even accept nylons with red seams and don’t care what color the rest of the lingerie is. 😉 By the way, the picture shows seamed stockings from What Katie Did*.

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