A Walk through Munich in the Cardi Front Ajour Franny by King Louie

A Walk through Munich in the Cardi Front Ajour Franny by King Louie

There are clothes in my closet, I wear again and again. One of those is definitely my red swing skirt by The House Of Foxy. I’m actually not even sure how often I showed this piece here on my blog, but some examples are here, here, and here. Another new favourite is quite new to me: the Cardi Front Ajour Franny by King Louie, which I already introduced to you in a completely different combination in this blog post. If you team those two classics, you will get a comfortable, but very elegant 40s inspired look.

An elegant 40s inspired Look with the Cardi Front Ajour Franny

The sleeveless, black cardigan is not only super comfortable, but also looks great. I especially love those little details like the open knit grafic pattern at the neckline. And isn’t it the perfect top for my swing skirt! Oh, I simply love outfits in red and black! This is maybe why I wear them so often. 😉

To match my outfit, I chose black retro shoes by Miss L-Fire as well as a vintage handbag from a second hand shop. In the 40s, women usually didn’t wear a lot of jewellery, so I didn’t either. A pearl bracelet, a small silver necklace and sublte ear studs – that’s it.

Vintage-Bloggerin RetroCat mit dem Cardi Front Ajour Franny von King Louie

RetroCat mit Swing-Rock und dem Cardi Front Ajour Franny

RetroCat mit einer lockigen Frisur im Vintage-Stil

A Walk through the City in a 40s inspired Outfit

This 40s inspired outfit really is super comfortable and therefore perfect for a day in the city. I wore it for a press preview of a new movie which I will introduce to you very soon here on the blog. Afterwards, we (Martin and I) had lunch at King Loui (not to be confused with King Louie) where you will get the very best burgers in Munich! To finish the day, we went to the city park “Enlischer Garten” with a Frozen Yogurt from I love Leo.

PS: If you add some glamorous accessories like stockings, you can easily transform this daytime look into an elegant evening look. (Read more in this blog post.)

RetroCat mit einem Swing-Rock von The House Of Foxy und einem Cardigan im Stil der 40er

RetroCat mit einem schwarzen Retro-Cardigan von King Louie im Stil der 40er

Bloggerin RetroCat mit dem Cardi Front Ajour Franny von King Louie in München

Vintage-Mode-Bloggerin RetroCat mit einem 40er-Jahre-Outfit in München

An elegant 40s inspired Outfit – the Details:

Cardi Front Ajour Franny: c/o King Louie

Swing skirt: The House Of Foxy, similar here

Shoes: Miss L-Fire, similar here

Handbag: Vintage

Pearl bracelet: Vintage, similar here

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