A Day in the Snow with a light pink Sweater by Ted Baker

A Day in the Snow with a light pink Sweater by Ted Baker

Christmas is over and I’m tired of all those reds and golds. Therefore, right after the holidays, I always take out all my light pink clothes and accessories. This shade is also perfect for my super fair winter complexion. However, it is still very cold outside so I created a cosy outfit that looks like spring but is warm enough for winter. The base of my look is a light pink sweater by Ted Baker which you maybe already know from this, as well as this blogpost.

RetroCat mit einem rosa Sweater von Ted Baker

Spring Fever in Winter with a light pink Sweater by Ted Baker

The sweater by Ted Baker is not only super warm, but also very glamorous due to the sparkly applications at the neckline. This time, I teamed it with the “Daisy” Circle Skirt by Vivien of Holloway which has a lovely flower print on it. For more volume, I’m wearing a black petticoat underneath.

Nevertheless, the most amazing piece of this look is definitely my cosy jacket. My beloved grandma made it for me many years ago. Back then, the sleeves actually were long, but as everything else still fits perfectly (it’s made of a very stretchy fabric), I simply team it with long gloves. 😉

To match the white gloves and white print on my skirt, I’m wearing black tights by Chantal Thomass with a white seam. Light pink earrings by Glitter Paradise, black-and-white shoes by Miss L-Fire, a wonderful handbag by Woody Ellen, as well as a fresh makeup finish the vintage inspired winter look.

RetroCat mit Tellerrock einer aufregenden Strumpfhose mit Naht von Chantal Thomass

RetroCat mit rosa Sweater und weißer Jacke im Winter

RetroCat mit einem schwingenden Tellerrock und Petticoat im Schnee

RetroCat mit rosa Sweater und einer Handtasche von Idda van Munster for Woody Ellen im Schnee

Vintage-Bloggerin RetroCat mit Tellerrock von Vivien of Holloway und rosa Sweater von Ted Baker im Winter

Shop the warm retro Outfit for Winter (EU):

Sweater: Ted Baker, similar here and here

Jacket: handmade by my grandma, similar here

Circle skirt “Daisy”: c/o Vivien of Holloway

Petticoat: similar here

Tights: Chantal Thomass, similar here

Shoes: Miss L-Fire, similar here

Gloves: similar here

Earrings: Glitter Paradise

Handbag: Idda van Munster for Woody Ellen

Shop the Look (US):

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