My monthly Review for April: The Weather is going crazy

My monthly Review for April: The Weather is going crazy
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Monthly review for April

April weather was really crazy this year! Well, in Germany we say: April is doing whatever it wants. And this was so true this year! We had everything from snowstorms to almost summer weather. And I hardly could keep up with saving my balcony plants form a snowstorm and bringing them back into the sunshine, again. In the following, I am going to tell you what else I did during the last month.

What I did:

Beside bringing my plants inside and out again, I did not really much in April, to be honest. The situation in Germany is still kind of the same as it was last month and the month before. But at least my plants are growing and I am looking forward to a hopefully lovely summer with lots of flowers on my balcony. I also went out for some walks in the parks of Munich and visited my parents and my cat, who already turned 16 at the beginning of April! Furthermore, I went back to photographing. You can see some first impressions of what I did in my blogpost about the Vision Tights by Oroblu, and I am going to share more of my work very soon.

Beside photographing, I currently really enjoy stitching. There isn’t anything more relaxing to me currently, than watching a movie or series in the evening while I am stitching.

What I wore

In April, I wore everything from winter jackets and cardigans to capri trousers and springlike dresses! Loungewear was an important part of my wardrobe as well, of course.

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What I bought

I bought a few new tights from brand I hadn’t tried before, I am going to tell you more about them very soon! I also invested into the Doreen bra by Triumph*, more on that in a future blogpost, too.

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What I am looking forward to in May:

I really hope for a warm and sunny May. My gingham summer dresses and sunglasses can’t wait to finally be worn again.

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