The most beautiful Nylons and Tights for Spring and Summer

The most beautiful Nylons and Tights for Spring and Summer
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Nylons and tights for spring and summer

Even though temperatures are finally rising in Germany, I still like to wear hosiery. And luckily, this is not a problem at all, even when it is going to be very hot outside! There are some wonderful nylons and tights available that are not only very light, but also go super well with summer dresses. So in the following, I am going to show you my favourite hosiery for the warm season.

What to keep in Mind when looking for Hosiery for Spring and Summer

RetroCat wearing light yellow nylons and a summer dress

There are a few things you should keep in mind when looking for stockings and tights for the warm season. Because we all don’t want to sweat that much, do we?

  • Choose very delicate and thin stockings or tights with not more than 20 den, less than 20 den are even better. By the way: The less den, the lighter the hosiery. Read more about this topic here.
  • Shades that are similar to your skin colour or pastel colours go very well with lovely summer dresses.
  • You can even wear tights with shoes like sandals! Check out this style guide for more information.
  • Hold-ups are not my first choice when it comes to hosiery on warm days. When you are sweating, the silicon bands might no longer hold that well on your thighs. So if I want to wear a specific pair of hold-ups on warm days, I team them with a garter belt to keep them in place and feel save all day (or night) long.

For chilly Spring Days: Colourful, opaque Tights

RetroCat wearing opaque, lilac tights for Spring

Let’s start with some gorgeous tights for chilly spring days (we have a lot of these here in Germany, believe me ;-)). On such days, I like to wear warm and opaque tights. However, I usually choose some more fun and colourful ones in spring. 😉

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Sheer Tights with lovely Details

RetroCat wearing sheer tights with blue dots and sandals

The warmer it get’s, the more delicate are my tights. This is why I go for sheer tights with some lovely details when the weather is good. I also choose some colourful tights every now and then. By the way: If you want to know how to style colourful hosiery, check out this blogpost.

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Cool Fishnet Tights for hot Days

Fishnet tights are a perfect choice for hot days! They make ones legs look great, while they are definitely not too warm. By the way, there are not only black fishnets available, but also beige and colourful ones!

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Delicate Nylon Stockings in Pastel Colours

Let’s talk about my favourite kind of hosiery for the warm season: Delicate, fully fashioned nylons in pastel colours! I own a lot of this kind of nylons, believe me! But they simply look amazing in combination with colourful summer dresses. PS: Most of my paste coloured stockings are by Secrets in Lace.

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Sheer Nylons and Tights for Spring and Summer

If the last few nylons and tights were too colourful for you, I can recommend delicate ones in the shade of your skin colour. I personally love the wear sheer nylons with a sublte seam on summer days, as they look very elegant and go well with my light summer dresses.

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