My 6th Blog Birthday and some Words about Pineapple Print

How to wear and style pineapple print
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How to wear and style pineapple print

On July 5th in 2015, my very first blogpost went online on It was about a pink retro dress with pineapple print. 🙂 Since then, 1,217 more blogposts were published and I still love blogging as much as I did back then. My photos got sharper, and my blogdesign more modern. My style, though, remained almost the same. It maybe got a bit more grown up, but I still enjoy wearing retro dresses and circle skirts. And so I even still own the dress from my first blogpost. At the beginning of the year, I tought about selling it, but in the end, I decided it is a keeper. I no longer wear it in everyday life, but the pink pineapple dress is still faithful companion for my summer vacation. And since I love pineapple print that much, I decided my birthday blogpost should be about exactly this print.

Two Photos from my first Blogpost on

A little funfact: I think pineapples look absolutely amazing! But I don’t like to eat them, they simply do not tast, in my opinion – at least as long as they are not part of a cocktail. 😉

Inspiration: A Pineapple

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Cheeky retro Dresses with Pinapple Print

RetroCat wearing a pink retro dress in summer

Pineapple prints look especially great during summer. As I already mentioned, I like to wear this pattern during vacation time. And you know what: It not only makes me smile, but also other people. 😉 My retro dress is by Banned*, by the way, and still available in some sizes. But I also found some pretty alternatives:

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What to wear with Pineapple Dresses

Pineapple dresses often look very cheerful and cheeky, so I think the accessories can be a bit more fancy as well.

Matching Cardigans for your Pineapple Dress

RetroCat wearing a white cardigan with a pineapple decoration

Even in summer it can get a bit chilly outside, especially during the evening. So I usually take a lovely cardigan with me. And to match my dress, I absolutely adore a short white cardie with pineapple decorations*. If you think this maybe is a bit too much, you can also wear a more subtle one, of course. 😉

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Pineapple Earrings to wear with your retro Dress

RetroCat wearing pineapple earrings and a pineapple dress

What could be a better accessory to wear with a pineapple dress than pineapple earrings*? This might not be your first choice for the office, but definitely looks great on festivals or during vacation time. Another fun alternative are bamboo earrings*.

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Matching Hair Accessories for a Pineapple Dress

RetroCat with a white hairflower and a retro dress

Huge hairflowers or cheeky fascinators* literally crown an outfit. You will find some lovely ones at Etsy* or TopVintage*, for example.

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Sunglasses and Parasols for your Summer Outfit

RetroCat wearing a pink summer dress with pineapple print during vacation

On sunny days, we must protect ourself, so don’t forget your sunglasses, sunscreen and a parasol*! I personally love to wear fancy retro cat eye sunglasses with my pineapple dress, by the way. 🙂

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Shoes and Handbags to finish the Outfit

RetroCat with a basket bag and jelly shoes

Now the only missing things are some matching shoes and a handbag to finish the look. I usually go for colourful jelly sandals as well as my beloved basket bag.

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For everyone who can’t get enough of Pineapple Prints: Cheeky Pineapple Swimwear

RetroCat wearing a retro swimsuit with pineapple print

If pineapple dresses and accessories are still not enough for you, I have some good news: There is even pineapple swimwear* available! Perfekt for a relaxed day at the beach. 🙂

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