Summer Trend Polka Dots: How to style the classy Retro Pattern for different Occasions

Summer Trend Polka Dots: How to style the classy Retro Pattern for different Occasions
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How to wear polka dots

Polka dots are back! This cheerful and feminine pattern always adds a kind of “la dolce vita” feeling to everyday life and simply is perfect for summer. To be honest: Polka dots never really get out of fashion. However, during some years we almost see noone wearing these lovely dots, and then there are times when they seem to be very fashionable and popular again. Well, I like these dots all the time and therefore will tell you a bit more about them in the following.

A Summer Classic: Polka Dots on Dresses, Blouses & Co.

Summer classic: RetroCat wearing a polka dot dress during vacation

It is likely the term “polka dot” has it origins in the polka dance that became popular in the 19th century in both, the US as well as Europe – or at least became fashionable during the same time and therefore adopted the term “polka” to its name, just as many other products and fashions of that era.

During the 20th century, many celebrities from Minnie Mouse to Marilyn Monroe and Lady Diana wore the lovely dotted pattern. And of course we all can’t forget Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman wearing her wonderful brown and white polka dot dress with a matching hat.

The most beautiful Polka Dot Garments & Accessories

RetroCat wearing a summery wrap dress with dots

In retro fashion, polka dots are always very popular. This is why you will find a huge variety of polka dot garments at retro shops like TopVintage*, for example. But even designers like Allessandra Rich or Dolce & Gabbana like to implement the dotted pattern into their collections, currently. If you like, wear polka dots all over. If you prefer a more subtle look, though, I recommend dotted accessories like headbands or tights, for example.

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How to wear Polka Dots

RetroCat wearing a classy retro dress with polka dots

As the dotted pattern looks so light-hearted and feminine, it looks best when worn in a romantic way. On the other side, polka dots are also perfect to make a very cool or severe look appear a bit softer. The pattern goes well on many different occasions, so here are my styling ideas.

Perfect for Summer: Blue and white Polka Dot Dresses

RetroCat wearing a blue dress with white polka dots at the beach

Outfit details: Dress: Stop Staring, similar via TopVintage*, shoes: similar via TopVintage*

Blue and white polka dot garments look so summery and light and are therefore perfect for vacations or a trip to the city. More elegant cutted dresses are even a great idea for not too formal summer weddings.

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A Day in the City with red and white Polka Dot Garments

RetroCat wearing a red and white dress with polka dots in the city

Outfit details: Dress: The Seamstress of Bloomsbury, very similar via Etsy*, earrings: Glitter Paradise via Etsy*

I love the colour combination of red and white! Such dotted dresses simply are perfect for a stroll through the city or a visti at a café.

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Polka Dots: The Classic in Black and White

A dotted dress in black and white worn by RetroCat

Outfit details: Dress: Pussy Deluxe, similar via Amazon*, shoes: similar via TopVintage*, handbag: similar via TopVintage*

White dots on a black dress or the other way round are real classics and super easy to style, as you can wear them with almost every accessory as well as in a very elegant or more casual way.

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A classy Rockabilly Look

RetroCat wearing a rockabilly dress with polka dots during vacation

Outfit details: similar via Amazon*, hairflower: similar via TopVintage*, earrings: Glitter Paradise via Etsy*

I do like to wear some more rockabilly style clothes during summer vacation as these garments always put me in such a fun and light-hearted mood.

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Extraordinary Dots that add that certain Something

RetroCat wearing a 1940s style dress with dots

Outfit details: Dress: The Seamstress of Bloomsbury via Etsy*, handbag and watch: Vintage

Dots on garments don’t have to be all in the same colour or look “perfect”. I also like some variations in shapes and colours.

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Polka Dot Swimwear

RetroCat wearing a swimsuit with polka dots

Outfit details: Swimsuit: Banned, similar via Amazon*, parasol: ähnlicher via Amazon*

Dots also look amazing on swimwear and make your swimsuit or bikini look fun and cheerful.

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Some Polka Dot Details

RetroCat wearing a pencil skirt with polka dot details

Outfit details: Top: Banned via TopVintage*, skirt: similar via TopVintage*, shoes: ähnliche via TopVintage*, handbag: similar via TopVintage*

You don’t have to wear a lot of dots. Sometimes a few little details are enough. So what about shoes or maybe a headband with polka dots?

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Stylish and subtle: Dotted Tights

RetroCat wearing tights with polka dots

Outfit details: Dress: The Seamstress of Bloomsbury available in red via Etsy*, tights: similar via TopVintage*, shoes: ähnliche via Amazon*

A very elegant and subtle way to implement dots into your look is by wearing dotted tights or stockings. They add that certain something to an outfit but are still some kind of decent.

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A Raincoat with Polka Dots

RetroCat wearing a raincoat with white polka dots

Outfit details: Raincoat: Elements Rainwear, similar one in yellow via TopVintage*, hat: Mein wunderbarer Hutsalon via Etsy*

When it’s raining, everything usually already looks monochrome and gloomy. So why not wearing some fun dots to raise the spirits?

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What to wear with Polka Dots:

How to wear polka dots: RetroCat with wrap dress, straw hat and basket bag

I like to style polka dot garments with monochrome pieces like a subtle top or trousers, skirts etc. When it comes to accessories, though, I usually go for some gorgeous summery ones. Straw hats, cat-eye sunglasses, wedges and basket bags are my pieces to go.

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