5 spooky Halloween Outfits that don’t require a Costume + Styling Tips

5 schaurig-schöne Halloween-Outfits ohne Kostüm & Styling-Tipps
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Halloween outfits without costume

Halloween is just around the corner and maybe you’re just missing the perfect look for the spookiest night of the year. Buying a costume specifically for this is usually a waste of money, as you only wear it once a year anyway. That’s why I’m really into spooky Halloween outfits that don’t require you to buy a costume. Rather, I love combining clothes from my closet in such a way that I look like I’ve just emerged from the underground.

5 Halloween Outfits that don’t require a Costume

I also wear all of the dresses from the following Halloween looks in everyday life. On October 31st, all they need is a few dark styling tricks to look spooky enough.

Halloween Outfit without a Costume: A Wednesday Addams inspired Look

RetroCat wearing a Halloween outfit without costume inspired by Wednesday Addams

I really love my little black dress with a white collar (similar one via TopVintage*), as you can see in this post. For Halloween I combine it with bat tights (e.g. Fiore via Amazon*), Mary Janes and two girly braids and the look is reminiscent of the cheeky Wednesday Addams.

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Stylish & dark: The little black dress can also be worn on Halloween

RetroCat wearing a little black dress styled for Halloween

An elegant little black dress should be in every wardrobe anyway, as it is perfect for a wide variety of occasions. Even on Halloween, a pretty black dress can save the day. In this case, styling really is everything. A wild hairstyle, dark make-up, dark stockings, black gloves, a fascinator with a veil and a few Halloween-appropriate accessories such as spider earrings and a lantern – the spooky outfit is perfect. The black pencil dress in the pictures is from Ginger Jackie. In addition to Halloween, I also wore it during my visit to Crazy Horse Paris.

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A glamor Halloween outfit that don’t requires a costume: a black lace dress & cape

RetroCat wearing a long black lace dress and a cape - perfect for Halloween

If you prefer something glamorous even on Halloween, look for a long black dress in your closet – preferably with lace. Add an extraordinary cape and sparkling accessories and you have the ultimate Halloween glamor look.

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An eerily beautiful combination: black velvet meets lace

RetroCat wearing a spooky gothic outfit perfect for Halloween

Maybe you already have a kind of eery dress in your closet? A great combination for Halloween is definitely black, velvet and lace. Add a black hat with a veil, long black gloves, lace tights and dark make-up – that’s all you need for a spooky look on October 31st.

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A Halloween dress & dark accessories

RetroCat in a Halloween outfit without costume: black dress and dark accessories

Admittedly, the “Nightmare Before Christmas” dress is of course primarily suitable as an outfit for Halloween season. But I also wear it regularly in everyday life during this time of the year. With dark hair flowers, dark make-up and the right accessories, it is simply perfect for the Halloween party.

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The matching Halloween make-up for a spooky look

With the right make-up, the dark Halloween outfit stands or falls. Dark eyeshadow is particularly suitable. If you like it classically glamorous, combine black with shades of gray.

On the other hand, eyes that have been emphasized with a reddish-brown eye shadow look even scarier.

Contouring can also be used – slightly adapted – perfectly for Halloween make-up. To do this, emphasize the wings of the nose and the area under the cheekbones with dark contouring powder, like with classic make-up. In contrast, this time the whole thing is only very slightly blended, so that the nose and cheeks appear sunken.

A dark lipstick completes the spooky make-up perfectly. I like to use dark red lipstick colors.

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Dark accessories for your Halloween Outfit

The right accessories can make dark outfits look even more Halloween-appropriate. Black fascinators with veils, black hair flowers, spider accessories and black gloves are perfect for this. Black tights or stockings finish the look. Depending on your taste and look, you can choose from classic black tights, lace tights, seamed nylons or tights with Halloween patterns.

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