Ich liebe opulente Kleider, ausladende Röcke, tolle Muster und bunte Farben. Trotzdem setze ich manchmal gerne alles auf Schwarz. Besser gesagt auf schlichte, schwarze Outfits. Die dunkelste aller Farben ist nämlich unglaublich elegant und wandelbar. Man kann sie ganz klassisch in Form des Kleinen Schwarzen tragen, oder aber, man setzt helle Akzente und spielt mit Materialien. In diesem Beitrag zeige ich Dir ein sehr zurückhaltendes aber dennoch schickes Outfit, welches sich sowohl im Alltag, als auch zum Dinner mit Freunden tragen lässt.

RetroCat in einem schlichten schwarzen Retro-Outfit in Landsberg

Schlicht und elegant: Ein simples Retro-Outfit ganz in Schwarz

Outfits ganz in Schwarz sind übrigens auch immer meine erste Wahl, wenn ich mich einfach nicht entscheiden kann, was ich anziehen soll. Sie sehen immer schick aus, man wirkt darin aber dennoch nie overdressed.

Wie so oft in letzter Zeit, bildet der wunderschöne „Daisy“ Tellerrock von Vivien of Holloway die Basis meines Outfits. Andere Kombinationen mit dem tollen Rock findest Du übrigens hier sowie hier. Anstelle eines bunten Oberteils trage ich diesmal jedoch einen sehr schlichten schwarzen Rollkragenpullover. Mein einziger Schmuck sind Vintage-Ohrringe von wunder-same-vintage, welche ich beim Adventskalender des Pinup-Fashion-Magazins gewonnen habe, sowie eine schlichte Armbanduhr von Jacques Lemans.

Eine Thermostrumpfhose hält warm, während schicke Schuhe von Miss L-Fire den Look perfekt abrunden.

Die Frage, warum ich nicht immer komplett durchgestylte, authentische Vintage-Outfits trage, beantworte ich übrigens in diesem Beitrag. 😉

RetroCat mit schwarzem Rolli und schwarz-weißem Tellerrock von Vivien of Holloway

RetroCat in einem schlichten aber schicken Look im Vintage-Stil

RetroCat in einem eleganten schwarz-weißen Retro-Look

Ein natürliches Make-up für jeden Tag

Auch mein Make-up ist diesmal extrem schlicht. Ich trage lediglich eine CC Cream, um leichte Unebenheiten auszugleichen. Auf die Augenlider kommt ein Hauch Lidschatten in einem natürlichen Braunton, beispielsweise aus der Eye Reviver Palette von Dior. Wimperntusche von Dr. Hauschka sorgt für einen tollen Augenaufschlag, während etwas Rouge den Tein frischer wirken lässt. Auf meine Lippen kommt als Basis der Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub und darüber der Dior Addict Lipstick in einer dezenten Farbe – das war’s.

Vintage-Bloggerin RetroCat mit einem natürlichen Retro-Make-up

Vintage-Mode-Bloggerin RetroCat in einem eleganten schwarzen Retro-Outfit

Alles auf Schwarz – die Outfit-Details:

Rollkragenpullover: sehr ähnlicher hier

Tellerrock „Daisy“: c/o Vivien of Holloway

Retro-Mantel „Angeline Coat“: Hell Bunny

Strumpfhose: Calzedonia

Schuhe: Miss L-Fire, ähnliche hier

Ohrringe: Vintage via wunder-same-vintage

Uhr: Jacques Lemans, ähnliche hier

Ein natürliches Make-up – die Details:

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4 thoughts on “Alles auf Schwarz: Ein schlichtes, modernes Retro-Outfit für jede Gelegenheit

  1. This outfit is not bad for 2018 for a walk in the city, but in my opinion it is not retro. The whole appearence is absolutely unsuitable for the 50s or the 40s: the hair is not styled at all, the lipstick is not even obvious. Furthermore, thick warm tights may be useful for cold weather but during the 50s no woman would consider wear them for anything else except a walk in the woods, therefor keeping that in mind we can make the compromise in 2018 and wear thick tights for daywear, but not for evening. The shoes are also suitable for day as are all shoes with laces.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Aspassia.
      I know that this is not an authentic vintage outfit, but didn’t claimed in my blogpost that it is one. However, it has definitely some retro elements, just look at that 50s inspired retro skirt, the coat, and the shoes. And my earrings are true vintage from the 50s. So maybe I should change the title to „a modern retro outfit“, I guess that would be more appropriate.
      But to pick up your points: Not all women wore lipstick back in the 40s or 50s, that’s just an illusion we have. When I look at all the old photos from my grandparents, I most of the time don’t see a woman with red or colourful lips at all.
      In winter, we have very cold temperatures here in southern Germany, sometimes even about -20 degrees. So people definitely wore thick tights back then, even in the evening because it simply would have been ways to cold for thin nylons – I also asked my grandma who sold hoses back then. They had very thick knitted tights… 😉 Moreover, I don’t understand why I should freeze and get ill when I have thick and warm clothes that are able to protect me from the cold.
      And of course the most important thing: There are no rules what to wear! Everyone is allowed to wear whatever he or she wants! When I want to wear lace-up shoes in the evening, that’s absoultely okay. I also wrote a blogpost why I love to mix classy retro clothes with modern elements in this blogpost, if you are interested: https://wp.me/p6qTxk-1Zl
      I completely understand your point of view. However, that’s not my opinion. I do wear this outfit for a dinner with friends, especially when I’m in the countryside. In my opinion, this look is chic but not overdressed, just as I wrote it. And this is something I definitely wear in everyday-life, especially when I don’t have a lot of time to style my hair and apply a ton of make-up. But if you prefer more classy vintage outfits, of course that’s okay as well. But then, you maybe should rather check out Rachel Ann Jensen (http://www.rachelannjensen.com). I adore her authentic vintage styles and she looks always perfect! However, that’s not the way how I dress. I prefer retro outfits with modern elements. 😉

      Best wishes

  2. I admire your restraint in responding to the earlier comment. I think I would have been angrier, even though he is of course entitled to his opinion. You have a unique, beautiful style. It’s not a pastiche of any previous era, but a way of blending vintage clothes, hair, make-up and looks with a contemporary aesthetic, and with some modern styles in the way and for the occasion that you choose. That’s why I love your outfits and why I find them so inspirational. I don’t want to dress as my grandmother did. But I do want to be inspired by the clothes of that period so that they influence how I dress today. I am the feeblest of amateurs at that, but my ideas come for those of you who get it so right. Keep up the wonderful outfits. Please! Karen x

    1. Thank you so much Karen! This really means a lot to me! I usually don’t care about the opinion others have about my style. However, I don’t get the „authentic“ debate. I mean, it’s so much more important to feel good in the clothes you wear than dressing 100 % authentic. I admire my grandmother’s style, but just as you, I don’t want to dress like she did. Because that’s not me and not dressing like I would like to isn’t authentic at all. 😉


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