My monthly Review for June: Summer is here!

My monthly review for June: Summer is here
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Monthly review for June

Summer is finally here! And oh how I enjoyed June. The weather was great in Munich, most of the time. And after such a long time, I finally felt lighthearted and really happy again. I enjoyed some long walks in the evening sun, watched the world through a macro lense, had a cup of coffee in the city and all in all, time really flew this month. In the following, I am going to tell you what else I did in June.

What I did:

I worked quite a lot in June, enjoyed a few days in the countryside, spent many hours on my balcony and rediscovered macro photography! So I spent hours watching and photographing all the little insects on my balcony with my Sony Alpha 6300*.

I also did many long walks in nature and had picnic with a dear friend. 🙂

What I bought

A ladybug

I actually didn’t buy that much in June. Beside a house for ladybugs and butterflies, I invested in two books that hopefully will help me to identify the different insects on my balcony.

Furthermore, I bought a swimsuit with leopard print* and now can’t wait to finally go swimming, now. 🙂

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What I wore

RetroCat wearing a gingham top by Collectif Clothing

Since the temperatures finally got summery, I mainly wore summer dresses, lots of gingham garments as well as my favourite jelly sandals.

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My Wishlist for July:

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