The 5 most beautiful Fashion Classics for Spring

The 5 most beautiful Fashion Classics for Spring
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5 timeless fashion classics for spring

Sunrays, colourful blossoms everywhere and the first coffee outside: In spring, everything is better. So it doesn’t need many fashion pieces to bring me into spring mood. This is why I am going to show you five timeless fashion classics for spring that can be worn every following year and will never get out of fashion.

Trés chic: A Trench Coat for Spring

Fashion classics for spring: RetroCat wearing a trench coat with flower pattern

I love my glamorous winter coats. However, I am always very excited when I can take out my trench coats. Trench coats, by the way, are the perfect coat for spring, as they are still warm enough for the colder days but also cool enough for the rising temperatures. Of course you can go for a classy beige one, but there are also some fun alternatives available.

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Comfy, stylish & practical: Cool Capri Trousers

RetroCat wearing retro style capri trousers for spring

I rarely wear trousers. However, I do like capri trousers (via TopVintage*, for example) in spring and summer, as these are very practical and also comfortable – the perfect piece for a lovely walk in nature! A great alternative for the colder days are long cigarette pants (via Saerli on Etsy*, for example).

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Timeless Fashion Classics for Spring: Flower Dresses

Fashion classic for spring: RetroCat wearing a flower dress

Flower dresses might be the most classic piece for spring. No wonder, as these look so lovely, feminine and go well for many different occasions. Wear it with a fascinator on a wedding, or with casual accessories in everyday life – you will always look great in it!

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A real Classic: Pretty Basket Bags

RetroCat wearing a pretty dress and a basket bag in spring

Basket bags are my favourite kind of handbags for the warm season. They go well with almost every outfit, look summery and very cool.

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Fashion Classics for Spring: Lovely Sandals

RetroCat wearing lovely sandals and tights for spring

Did you miss sandals as much as I did? I am so happy that in spring, I can finally wear all my lovely sandals again. By the way: White sandals are especially versatile, as they go well with so many different looks. And in this blogpost, I tell you how to wear nylons in sandals when the weather is a bit colder. 😉

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