What to pack into your Bag: My Top 10 Beach Essentials

Fun at the Sea: My Top 10 Beach Essentials
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A day at the waterside: My beach essentials

Summer is in full swing and what would be a better place to spend those hottest of all days than at the beach? Well, I can’t tell because there most probably isn’t one. My only problem at the beach is: I can’t keep still for more than a few minutes and I get bored pretty quick. So I make sure to pack a few things to entertain me at the seaside.

RetroCat wearing a straw hat and a swimsuit in Croatia

Top 10 Beach Essentials

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The sound of the waves and sunshine – sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But let’s pack a few things to not get bored after a while.

  • A beach bag including a bottle full of water is my number one essential. We all have to pack our things somewhere and furthermore, we should drink a lot when it is hot.
  • A beach towel or even something a bit more comfortable like a sun lounger are perfectly helpful at the beach.
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen with a high SPF and make sure to renew the cream on a regular base.
  • In the sun, it is not only super hot, but also damaging for our skin. So a parasol is a very good idea at the beach.
  • Of course we can’t go to the beach without beachwear (despite we are visiting a nudist beach, of course ;-)). I am big fan of feminine swimsuits with leopard print or in glamorous white, for example.
  • And when we are already talking about beach fashion: On gravel beaches, like they often are in Croatia, water shoes make sense.
  • Cool straw hats (via Etsy*, for example) and sunglasses not only look stylish, they also protect us from the sun and are therefore a must have for the beach.
  • I always take a book or some magazines with me to the beach. This is my way to relax and enjoy my time. 😉
  • Swim rings, water balls and co. are perfect for people like me, that get bored when they are doing nothing. Also: inflating them is quite a good and budget-friendly workout for the arms. 😉
  • Last but not least the most important thing: Some good company! With your loved ones by your side, a day at the beach gets even better!

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