Elegant retro outfits for the transitional season between winter and spring

When nature slowly but surely awakes from hibernation, the first crocuses start to bloom, the sun shines a bit longer every day, but temperatures are still quite low, a rather difficult time starts – at least from a fashion perspective. 😉 We don’t want to wear heavy coats, thick wool dresses and boots anymore, but it is also ways too cold to wear summer dresses. So what to wear in the transitional season between winter and spring? In this blogpost, I give you a lot of advice, tell you my best tips on how to dress temperatures appropriate, and show you some very different but always elegant outfits for this season.

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Retro Outfits for transitional Season: Jackets & Coats

When February comes to an end, I’m sure no one wants to wear heavy winter coats with a lot of fake-fur anymore. As it is still not wise to leave the house without a warm coat or jacket during this time of the year, though, we have to find alternatives. Here are some recommendations:

  • When spring is around the corner, but it somehow is still winter, I replace my heavy winter coat with lots of fake-fur by a lighter but still warm one. I recommend to choose light colours like a light grey, blue, or rosy colour.
  • A chic white coat (mine is by Ginger Jacket) that is not too heavy is perfect for the first a bit warmer days.
  • As soon as it is no longer freezing, I like to wear the Swing Jacket by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury* or a similar one.
  • Trench coats are absolutely perfect for the first days of spring, as they always look good and are timeless classics.
  • As soon as the first days of spring arrive, and the freezing cold temperatures are gone, I love to wear colour-matching, short jackets together with my outfits, just like this one by Von 50’*.

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Retro Outfits for transitional Season: Dresses, Skirts & Tops

Retro-Outfits für die Übergangszeit: RetroCat mit grauem Wollkleid

We now can let the super warm wool dresses in our closet. But as it is still too cold for summery dresses, the question now is: What to wear instead? Here are my best tips:

  • Jersey is a wonderful fabric for this time of the year. Jersey dresses keep us warm, are very comfortable, but look ways more springlike than wool clothes. Plus: Jersey doesn’t wrinkle easily, so it is perfect for travelling.
  • When it is still quite cold outside, but you are already in spring mood, I recommend thinner wool dresses in very light or pastel colours. They keep you warm, but still look like spring.
  • Combinations of a skirt, top and matching jacket look always great and are perfect for transitional season.
  • Repro dresses often don’t have long sleeves. So when it is cold outside, I like to team them with a subtle longsleeve underneath.

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Retro Outfits for transitional Season: Stockings & Tights

We finally don’t have to wear thermal tights all the time, anymore! Instead, I recommend the following stockings and tights:

  • As long as it is still a bit chilly outside, I choose opaque tights, that are not too thick. They also don’t have to be boring! There are such lovely tights with great details available.
  • As soon as temperatures are rising, I replace opaque tights by sheer ones with lovely details like a seam or something similar.
  • When spring finally arrives, it is time for nylon stockings again – there are even some colourful options available, by the way!

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Retro Outfits for transitional Season: Shoes

Schuhe für die Übergangszeit: RetroCat mit Lackpumps

It is now time to replace your lined boots by something a bit more elegant. I now like to wear ankle boots, or on warmer days, even pumps. Peeptoes and sandals, on the other side, still have to wait for warmer seasons.

PS: For rainy days, I recommend patent leather pumps, as they are so easy to clean!


Retro Outfits for transitional Season: Hats & Accessories

RetroCat mit einem kleinen Hut - perfekt für die Übergangszeit

It might be a bit too early for summery straw hats. However, instead of wool beanies, super warm gloves, and wool scarves, we now can wear something a bit more elegant:

  • Small hats or a pillbox are a perfect choice for this time of the year. They look very stylish and make every look more elegant. BUT: Make sure to fix them properly on your head, as you surely don’t want to loose your hat in the wind. 😉
  • Instead of thick gloves, we now can wear more elegant leather gloves. I personally always choose long leather gloves when wearing a dress or jacket with ¾ sleeves in transitional season.

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Retro Outfit for transitional Season: Grey Wool Dress, Hat & Gloves

RetroCat mit einem grauen Wollkleid von Ginger Jackie und schwarzen Vintage-Accessoires

The first warmer days are always the trickiest. It might be warm when the sun is out, but as soon as it gets cloudy, windy, or you are in the shadow, it is still quite cold. So instead of wearing super springlike clothes, I rather choose a thin wool dress that keeps me warm, but also looks great. My grey dress is by Ginger Jackie and looks best in combination with long gloves, pretty sheer tights or nylons, and a hat. A coat on top usually is still neccessary here in Germany, by the way.

RetroCat mit einem 50er-Jahre-Kleid von Ginger Jackie und Vintage-Accessoires

Outfit Details – grey Dress:

Dress: Ginger Jackie, similar here*

Coat: similar here*

Hat: similar here*

Tights: Wolford, similar here*

Pumps: Peter Kaiser*

Handbag: Vintage, similar here*

Jewellery: Vintage, similar here*

Outfit for transitional Season: Red Dress & black Accessories

Retro-Outfits für die Übergangszeit: RetroCat mit rotem Kleid und schwarzem Cape

As soon as it gets a bit warmer and more reliable, I like to wear jersey dresses in combination with a chic jacket. My burgundy red dress is by Ginger Jackie and doesn’t have sleeves, so I teamed it with a black top.

A brooch (I bought mine at the Crazy Horse Paris, by the way), makes this subtle dress a bit more interesting. (Fishnet) tights add that certain something to the outfit, while long gloves, a cape-jacket as well as vintage handbag finish the stylish look for transitional season.

PS: This is also a wonderful outfit for the office! Simply skip the hat, replace the vintage handbag by a tote bag, and the lace-up shoes by classy pumps.

RetroCat mit rotem Kleid von Ginger Jackie und einer Vintage-Jacke im Park

RetroCat mit einem Retro-Kleid, Vintage-Jacke und langen Lederhandschuhen im Park

Outfit Details – red Dress:

Dress: Ginger Jackie, similar here*

Jacket/Cape: Vintage, similar here*

Hat: similar here*

Tights: Chantal Thomass, similar here*

Shoes: Miss L-Fire, similar here*

Handbag: Vintage, similar here*

Gloves: Vintage, similar here*

Jewellery: Vintage, similar here*

Outfit for transitional Season: Pink Dress & Swing Jacket

Frühlingshaft: RetroCat mit rosa Kleid und der Swing Jacket von The Seamstress of Bloomsbury

A wonderful tip for transitional season: Choose warm dresses in pastel colours! If you do so, you don’t have to freeze, but still have a springlike outfit. I teamed my light pink dress with the Houndstooth Swing Jacket by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury as well as black gloves.

Outfits für die Übergangszeit: RetroCat mit einer Jacke im Hahnentrittmuster

Outfit Details – pink Dress:

Dress: Mädchentraum, similar here*

Jacket: The Seamstress of Bloomsbury*

Tights: Calzedonia, similar here*

Shoes: Miss L-Fire, similar here*

Gloves: Vintage, similar here*

Hairband: Vintage, similar here*

Outfit for transitional Season: Skirt, Top & Jacket

RetroCat in einem senfgelben Ensemble von Gracy Q

Altough mustard usually is considered as a typical autumn colour, I like to wear this specific shade of yellow in transitional season, as it always reminds me of the sun and warmth. A warm skirt in combination with a subtle top is always a good idea. To make the look more elegant, team it with a matching jacket, seamed stockings, as well as a pillbox hat.

PS: Don’t forget your umbrella!

RetroCat mit gelbem Pillbox Hut von Miranda's Choice in der Stadt

Outfit Details – Ensemble:

Skirt: Gracy Q, similar here*

Jacket: Gracy Q, similar here*

Top: c/o Vivien of Holloway

Stockings: c/o Secrets in Lace*

Garter belt: c/o Secrets in Lace*

Pillbox hat: c/o Miranda’s Choice

Umbrella: very similar here*

Shoes: Peter Kaiser*

Earrings: Glitter Paradise*

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